Ugly Duckling, Epicurean Food Hall, Dublin

Ugly Duckling, Dublin

*Please note Ugly Duckling can no longer be found in the Epicurean Food Hall because alas the Food Hall exists no more. However you can find them in George’s Street Arcade Dublin 2.

Ugly Duckling Sandwich & Coffee Bar

I’ve always been the ‘lets try it’ person and I’ve always had a weak spot for new Irish Businesses as I’ve appreciated how hard my own parent’s have worked over the years to succeed with theirs. This in mind, when I did find somewhere I liked, I was the first to share my thoughts with friends, family or anyone who’d listen. Now that I have The Life of Stuff, I share what I like and love with my online buddies too, thereby showing my support and spreading the word.

I’m always delighted to see new dining places open, stay open and succeed and one such place that has taken the sandwich scene by storm of late for me is the Ugly Duckling. It was opened back in the summer of 2013 by Derek Marsden and Darragh Nugent. You can find it in the Epicurean Food Hall, on the left if you enter by Liffey Street, on the righthand side if you enter by Abbey Street. It consists of an open kitchen, bar style counter, high stools and blackboards displaying its menu for the day. If you don’t like high stools or the counter is full, there are normally plenty of tables and chairs in the centre of the food hall to choose from.

Although I have spoken with Darragh each time I’ve visited, he’s a lovely and friendly guy, I have never asked him if the creation of the Ugly Duckling was inspired from watching ‘Man Vs Food’ episodes on T.V. – maybe I’ll ask him during the week and let you know, either way, I’ve given you an sneaky idea of what the majority of the Ugly Duckling sandwiches are all about. 

Ugly Duckling Sandwiches Menu

Think fresh soft baguettes and bread, think locally sourced produce, think tasty (#tastyas), think big, big enough that you’ll most likely need a knife and fork and for some of you, stretchy pants … but funnily enough you won’t need a stretchy purse or wallet as all sandwiches and burgers (which I haven’t tried yet) range from €4.95 – €8.95. 

This place is great if you are hungry and want to leave the calorie counting ego at the door. The most popular of all the sandwiches/baguettes are the first three on the menu board; ‘Pittsburg Sandwich‘, BBQ Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, Coleslaw, French Fries, Lettuce & Tomato, ‘Brisket Baguette‘, Beef, Gravy, Deep Fried Crispy Onions, Lettuce & Tomato – which my friend tried the other day, loved and is pictured below and ‘Po’ Boy‘, Deep Fried Cajun Creole Tiger Prawns, Spicy Mayo, Lettuce & Tomato, which I tried and is also pictured below …

Brisket Baguette - Ugling Duckling DublinFor those who have brought their calorie counting ego along, there are a few lower in calorie, probably healthier sandwich options like the ‘Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap‘ and the delightful aforementioned ‘Po’ Boy‘ 

Po Boy Sandwich - Ugly Duckling

One of the sweetest sandwich options has to be the ‘Monte Cristo‘ which consists of French Toast, Bacon, Cheese with a side of maple syrup … Mmm

I have yet to make my way through the full menu and I would not recommend trying it in too short of a period unless you run 40km every day however I will be back, slowly but surely until I can rightfully choose my favourite.  

To connect with the Ugly Duckling, join them on Facebook and Twitter @uglyducklingdub 


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