Bevvy of the Week – My Two Top World Beers

World Beers – Kingfisher and Peroni

World Beers - Kingfisher and Peroni

With all the new craft beers on the market now you can sometimes get lost in a world of beer. I’m not complaining, it’s great that there are so much to choose from but sometimes you just want to get a beer you know is not going to disappoint.

Here are my two top beers I find myself returning to time and time again. Kingfisher from India and Peroni from Italy.

These beers have been a favourite of mine for many a year and they never disappoint.

Both beers are light and are easy drinking. The Kingfisher is 4.8% vol and the Peroni 5.1% vol, so they don’t pack too much of a punch. Both bottles are available in 660ml and cost around the €4 mark each.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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