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The Wedding Cinematography – My Story and Advise from the Expert – Rodolphe from Best Day Productions


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When planning a wedding you can be bombarded with information, pretty pictures, rights and wrongs, do’s and don’ts however after viewing one of Best Day Productions film’s, the question on whether we’ll hire a Wedding Cinematographer / Videographer or not was easily answered. It was a no brainer for me. The answer was YES and a definite one at that! Don’t get me wrong now we did look at a few more of his films and compared his filming style to others but our minds were 99% made up, even before we decided to make an appointment to meet with him to discuss Wedding dates, ideas, view more work, talk about costs … the usual topics you can imagine.

And like that after a short meet and a chat we’d booked out Wedding Cinematographer, Rodolphe from Best Day Productions. I’m sorry to say folks but it was as easy as that for us. Why? Well, both my Fiancé and I are averse to cheesy-ness (although we both love cheese) … Neither of us have Acting Degrees (although we’ve probably both thought about it) … but our issues aside we know that documenting our day through Wedding Cinematography is important to us and knowing that the person in charge of doing so is going to do so with both professionalism and creativity, a passion for what he does and someone who we know we’ll feel comfortable with … well it’s not really hard to make the right decision, is it?

We’ve chosen to hire the services of a Wedding Cinematographer … why? … Because at the end of our Big Day … we’ll be happy in the knowledge that all the parts that went by in a loved up blurr for us will be documented both through our Wedding Photography and Cinematography. We’ll be happy in the knowledge that when the final edited film is delivered to us … this Wedding Film … Our Wedding Film … will be watched, loved, giggled at, cried over … over the years until we are old and grey …

And so if you are reading this with doubts on whether you should film your Big Day … here are the words of wisedom from Rodolphe though an interview he was so good to give …

An Interview with Rodolphe from Best Day Productions

Best Day Productions

Rodolphe is a French Film maker who’s home is Ireland. He was born in the seventies … the best decade to be born in … and yes I was born then too … ahem … but just about! and his influences come from listening to rock and watching French New Wave films by the likes of Godard and Truffaut. He describes his work as a spiced mixture of documentary styled filming and visual art  … need I say more!

So Rodolphe, how important do you feel it is to have a film/video of your Wedding Day?

It is equally as important as having a photographer. The job of a cinematographer is not just to focus on the bride and groom on the day but also to capture the interaction between guests and close family and the fun and joyful atmosphere of the wedding. Definitely memories which you want to be able to relive.

How soon should you book a Wedding Cinematographer / Videographer?

I would advise book early to avoid disappointment or at least make enquiries as soon as you know your wedding date. The key dates, bank holiday weekends, Summer months and New Years Eve etc. are always first to go. Many couples who originally decide not to go for a cinematographer and then change their mind at the last minute, are usually disappointed when they discover their date is gone.

What is the most important piece of advise you can give a couple to help them choose a Wedding Cinematographer / Videographer?

Online research, meet up with the cinematographer you are interested in, chat to them and view a sample film. You’ll get a feeling if they are for you or not. Also it is important to remember, like with all wedding suppliers, price will vary and is reflective of the finished product.

Browsing through Wedding Websites I’ve noticed different film styles, what is the most popular style you’ve been requested for and what style do you think will be popular in times to come?

8mm film is quite popular in the UK and the States and starting to become popular here. People are always looking for something a little different and the 8mm certainly gives a lot of character to the film. I personally love filming with the 8mm camera. I started shooting weddings with it in 2011 and am always excited to view the film when it comes back from the lab.

Some people hate getting their photographs taken not alone getting filmed, what advice can you give couples on the lead up to their BIG DAY? Can they practice for the camera?

Definitely no practice needed, just try to relax, smile and have fun. It is the couples who are the least stressed and most natural who make the best films. I don’t ask any of my couples to pose, I simply film the day as it enfolds.

Hands to the screen, backs turned, hands to faces … How do you encourage positive behaviour from family and friend’s with regard to starring in the Wedding Film?

When I meet couples initially to discuss their wedding day, one of their main concerns is that their guests will feel uncomfortable or intimidated by the camera. I can honestly say that this is rarely the case on the day. I personally try to blend in with the wedding party. I do not approach guests and don’t ask for interviews (unless requested and the guests are informed beforehand) as not everybody is ‘camera-friendly’. I think that these days most people expect the wedding couple to have a professional cinematographer to produce a film which reflects the atmosphere on the day.

What is the biggest mistake a couple can make when it comes to their Wedding Film?

Deciding not to get one!

What’s the best piece of advice you can give a couple on their Wedding Day?

It’s your day. Plan the day for yourselves. Obviously family members and guests are important but if you try to please everyone, you’ll forget about the two most important people. There will always be hiccups in the lead up to the day but these are all to be expected, don’t let them take from the happiness of the day.

If you would like to check out some films by Best Day Productions you can visit Rodolphe’s website here … be sure to check out his blog! You can also connect with him on Facebook here

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