Why Do We Celebrate Certain Occasions?

Let’s Celebrate

What is the point of celebrating occasions? It seems as though we celebrate so many things, from birthdays to weddings, to even funerals. Well, believe it or not, they have a purpose. Have you ever thought about why we celebrate certain occasions?

Why Do We Celebrate Certain Occasions? - Love

There is a saying that goes, “you only live once,” which is so true. You do only live once, so you may as well celebrate the occasions that come your way. Celebrating occasions is a way of showing appreciation to yourself and others for these special moments in life. It can be said that any moment that makes your heart tingle or tugs at your emotions, then it is worth celebrating.

Different Occasions We Celebrate

People celebrate occasions for all kinds of different reasons. These can include, to be happy, sad, thankful, grateful and even surprised. When people are surprised, it is usually because something unexpected happened or they are unsure about something. There are many occasions to celebrate, but the most common ones are birthdays, weddings and funerals. The main reason why we celebrate these occasions is that they make us feel emotions that give our lives value.

Why Do We Celebrate Certain Occasions? - The Life of Stuff


Birthdays are a great way of celebrating something unique that another human has done by being born into this world. They don’t necessarily need to have achieved anything in their life yet, but just by coming into this world, they have brought hope into other people’s lives regardless of them knowing it or not. That is why birthdays are important to celebrate because every life has value, and so does everyone else’s by association through another person’s birthday.

The great thing about these celebrations is that you can go as big or as intimate as you want. For example; you could book a room at one of the top London venues for a huge blowout, or keep things simple with your nearest and dearest in your local village and celebrate over board games, wine and cheeseboards.


Graduation is another occasion that is worth celebrating. Graduations are for students who have put in the necessary effort to receive their degree. This is a fantastic achievement no matter what subject or qualification was achieved. Once again, it doesn’t need to be anything very extravagant but just something that can be looked back on with pride and happiness at a later date when they reminisce about the occasion they graduated from university, college or school with whatever degree/qualification they received.

Why Do We Celebrate Certain Occasions? - Sports


Sporting events are also worth celebrating. It takes mental strength, physical training and lots of effort to become good at most sports. So when people do achieve their goals, they deserve to be celebrated for what they want to share with others. It is their moment to shine, so why not be there to support them so that the memory will last forever through pictures, videos and word of mouth?

However, this does not mean that every single thing in life should be celebrated. Therefore, you need balance in your life today, or you can find yourself overwhelmed just trying to keep up with everything that needs marking, which isn’t healthy for anyone, let alone yourself.

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People never stop growing, no matter how old they are, which makes every day a celebration of the person they are and who they have become. Although, every day can’t be a celebration because that would mean there is no point in having a special occasion or two throughout your life either. So, it is essential to know when to celebrate and when not to so you don’t get overwhelmed by it all. Sometimes these days can be celebrated more than once if it means the moment was too good to only experience once.

Why Do We Celebrate Certain Occasions? - Holidays


Holidays are also occasions worth celebrating. After putting in work every single day of the year, whether you realise it or not, people need a break from their daily lives at times just for a short while so they can relax and recuperate enough to continue their work and daily lives with a fresh perspective and more energy than they otherwise would have had. If someone were to celebrate every holiday, it wouldn’t be much of an occasion since they occur so often throughout the year, which is why we only celebrate special holidays such as Easter, Christmas with real Christmas trees, and New Year.

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Weddings are an occasion that is celebrated out of pure happiness for a couple who have committed to sharing the rest of their lives. It is a celebration of something incredible happening in someone’s life. It deserves to be celebrated with a party or some formal get-together where friends and family can show support.

Why Do We Celebrate Certain Occasions? - Weddings

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On the other hand, funerals usually happen when people lose somebody close to them from death, which dampens the mood considerably from any celebrations going on beforehand. This can be said even more when somebody young dies at a young age where the pain is still fresh. Funerals are necessary, though, to celebrate somebody’s life that has passed on with support from family and friends because that person’s life had value too, which needs to be remembered in times of sorrow.

It Makes Life Worth Living

Therefore, celebrating life is what makes it worth living, so if anything, these occasions only come around when they are needed most for when people need cheering up. It may be sad when they do go away, but when all is said and done, these occasions will only hold special memories that stay with us forever through word of mouth or photos/videos that can be passed down to children or grandchildren in the future.

It is never about the money spent on the occasion either because even if it were free, everyone would still appreciate the gesture enough to make them feel better afterwards, which is why it should never be looked upon as a waste. It is, in fact, an investment into someone else’s life that will pay off one hundredfold if only they open their eyes to the opportunity.

We can conclude that all occasions are worth celebrating because they bring happiness into our own lives and others who share the same experiences with us, whether we know them or not. Celebrating special events like these shows how grateful we should be for our lives and teaches us what truly makes life worth living: love, happiness and memories.

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