Home Style – What Does Your Dream Bathroom Look Like?

What Does Your Dream Bathroom Look Like?

The bathroom has gone through so many style changes in just the past few years. Lurking in this cultural shift in interior design is the number of materials you can choose from. Wood, steel, ceramic and glass are just a handful of materials that are battling it out for your material of choice. From black to gold sink and bath taps, from paint to tiles – there’s no better time to be creative when it comes to designing your dream bathroom.

Let’s take a look at the trends that might influence your decisions.

The Tile Panels

High up on the list is probably going to be your choice of shower panels for walls. Check out the more popular styles of white sparkle. This is like a quartz pattern, with little dots that when the light hits them, shine up like a rainbow.

What Does Your Dream Bathroom Look Like? - Tiles

Large grey marble is also very popular as these tiles are flush fitting and they are waterproof. If you accidentally chip it somehow, the water will not be able to make the hole wider due to this waterproofing. It also has a gloss finish which is not really for style. It looks great but it helps with cleaning, as there will be less soap, shampoo and water to clear away from the panels when you’re done showering. Not to mention, these new tiles are also eco-friendly.

A Stand-Alone Bath or Freestanding Bath

Large baths are probably something to consider as you may not wish shower all the time. Sometimes relaxing in your bathtub with a podcast or book recording playing is just how to finish off your day.

What Does Your Dream Bathroom Look Like? - Bath

One type of bath you could consider is a stand-alone bathtub or a freestanding roll top bath. This is a deep bath, with a curved edge so that water is not so easily spilled over. The roll top also means it is designed with a more opulent traditional design. These types of baths were popular about a century ago, and their elegant lines are still popular today. As the edge is thicker, it also provides back and grip support. So it’s easier to sit up in the bath and have your head supported; getting out of the bath is safer also.

Better Lighting

A dark bathroom is more than annoying, it could be dangerous. Not being able to see what part of the floor is wet could spell disaster when you are trying to get out of the tub or leave the bathroom after a shower. So, having good corner lights is vital. These can be small LED lights that are fitted into the walls. As shadowing is easier in the bathroom which is normally a small room with smaller windows, wall lighting is going to be more effective at illuminating the floor.

What Does Your Dream Bathroom Look Like? - Lighting

What does your dream bathroom look like? When making your list of things to include, remember to consider a deep roll top bath, much better and practical lighting, as well as shower panels that look and feel modern.

Photos by R Architecture – CCO Licence

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