Health Fix – Abdomen Pain – 3 Common Reasons

Three Common Reasons for Abdomen Pain

A mysterious yet debilitating pain in your abdomen could be any number of things. Commonly referred to as a bowel pain, the pain that you feel around your abs, stomach and intestines could be triggered by poor diet, an infection or perhaps an injury of some kind. It’s hard to tell what could have caused the pain initially – unless you remember what you did in the past few days or weeks to cause it.

Health Fix - Abdomen Pain - 3 Common Reasons

Pain in your bowels does not mean something major has happened. It could be purely circumstantial or it could, as we’ve mentioned, be something you can pinpoint.

But of course if you can’t pinpoint a common or simple reason for your abdomen pain. And if it persists then the most important thing you should do is visit your GP to get it checked out.

For now though let’s explore three common reasons for abdomen pain.

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Abdomen Pain #1 – Injury Due To Sports

If you play contact sports such as football or boxing, you may have been hurt in your abdomen and not realised it until a couple of days later. Your body tends to bruise slowly, as the full size and depth of a bruise might not be felt and seen until about 2-3 days after impact. This is due to the body being able to wash away toxins and blood that pools quickly as a defense mechanism. But eventually the burst blood vessels will die off and/or be repaired – it’s at this stage you see blue, purple and black bruising.

So can you remember the impact that caused the injury? It’s best to think about it and write it down so you can explain to your health provider in detail.

Health Fix - Abdomen Pain - 3 Common Reasons to Consider

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Abdomen Pain #2 – Lack Of Hydration

Some people just don’t drink enough water and this can lead to things like kidney stones. These are little hard crystal ball-like shapes that are trying to squeeze through the kidneys. This is because of a lack of water which usually filters and liquifies. Speak with someone like who is a urologist that regularly deals with kidney stones.

One way to treat this condition is with dissolution therapy. This is a treatment using an oral agent which will try to break down the stone and allow it to pass with minimal pain. If you do have kidney stones, drinking more water can help but you will still be in pain unless you see a doctor.

Abdomen Pain #3- It’s Just Gas (that’s not funny)

Sometimes pain in the abdomen really is just trapped gas. This could be because it’s trapped between two groups of waste – and is unable to either go back up and exit as a burp, or go down and exit as flatulation. The best thing to do is to try and not to compress your intestines. Lying on the floor with your legs on a chair could straighten the bowels at the exit and thus, help you to either go to the bathroom and relieve the pain there or pass gas while lying down.

Health Fix - Abdomen Pain - 3 Common Reasons - The Life of Stuff

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Are you experiencing abdomen pain? Any of these examples ring a bell? Again if you do think it’s serious, then contact your doctor and try to drink more water until you find out what exactly is affecting you.

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