4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers

The Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers

With a population of 4.7 billion people, Asia is the most populous and largest continent on Earth geographically. As such, it has one of the most diverse groups of people and locations ever. From India to China, Nepal, and Vietnam, there is so much to see and learn about this culture-rich continent.

However, Asia can be very intimidating to the first-time traveller, as its large population means that cities and tourist sites are often crowded, and the region is so enormous that tourists usually do not know where to start. Are you a first-time traveller? If yes, then no worries! Asia is a great continent to explore, and these cities are among the best Asian cities to begin your adventures.

NOTE: Always check travel restrictions before planning your trip.

1. Colombo, Sri Lanka

4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers - Sri Lankan Shopkeeper

If you want to start your world travels in more relaxed countries, you should begin with Colombo. In Sri Lanka, this South Asian city is a melting pot of people from all races, cultures, and religions. Visitors to the country’s capital city would be amazed by how new and traditional influences have merged to give it a unique blend. It features both cosmopolitan and swanky modern skyscrapers, office buildings, hotels, as well as red-tiled colonial buildings, and is truly a city of contrasts.

4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers - Sri Lanka Trains

There are many iconic buildings to check out during your stay, from the Khan Clock to the Red Mosque. You can also take a trip on a tuk-tuk to the Pettah Bazaar where you will find the city’s exciting food scene and eat like a local. There are also many boutiques and local stores for the traveller that loves shopping. If you are a tea enthusiast, make sure to try out the original Ceylon Tea and other exotic flavours as well. Colombo is an exciting city to visit and there are tons of accommodation options, but if you want a real feel, why not check in to a beach shack or one of its several colonial mansions!

2. Bali, Indonesia

4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers - Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most visited island out of Indonesia’s other 16,000 islands! Aside from that, it also has a solid tourist foundation and structure, making it one of the safest Asian islands to visit for the first time. If you are a party animal looking to have some fun, ensure that you visit Kuta, where there are several beaches, cafes, and nightclubs to have a good time. You can also check other lively party streets like Canggu and Legian.

But wait, Bali does not cater only for people looking to party. If you want a more relaxing scene, you can also check Ubud, which has more laid-back beaches. Like most holiday destinations, Bali gets busy during the summer, so if you want something quieter, the best time to visit will be during its off-season.

3. Singapore, Singapore

4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers - Marina Bay Singapore

Compared to a number of Southeast Asian countries, Singapore is one of the cleanest, safest, and easiest to navigate. Therefore, it is a recommended destination and one of the best Asian cities for new travellers. It is also relatively easy to get to; there are about 275 direct flights from the UK to Singapore every week.

Singapore has many shops and museums all around the city, and several other tourist destinations you can visit during your stay. Check out the Botanic Gardens, the Singapore Flyer, and the ever-famous Marina Sands Bay Resort, where you can have a breathtaking view of the city at the hotel’s rooftop infinity pool.

4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers - Singapore

Although it is a relatively expensive city especially when compared to other Asian cities, Singapore is still more affordable than most cities in the West. But if you are looking to have a more affordable trip, one of the best ways to save more money is to rent a private property. There are many options available as a Singapore room rental, and compared to hotel prices, numerous are more affordable.

4. Seoul, South Korea

4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers - Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is well deserved of a place on this ‘Best Asian Cities for First-Time Travellers’ listing. It’s the perfect choice for first-time travellers looking for something different from other well-known Asian cities. Plus, it has unique cuisine that is definitely worth trying out.

4 of the Best Asian Cities to Visit for First-Time Travellers - Korean Food

Seoul is a contemporary city that is big and lively, but despite its modern look, there are many historical sites and temples worth visiting. Visit the Gwanghwamun Square and check out statues of King Sejong the Great and some of his inventions. To get a bird’s eye view of the city, visit the N Seoul Tower. It has a total height of 236m and is definitely not for the faint-hearted! For a little shopping, ensure that you visit the Namdaemun Market and enjoy local dishes at affordable prices.


The featured cities are only four of the best Asian cities in the world for first-time travellers – there are so many more cities across Asia that have exciting sites, unique histories, wonderful traditions and cultures including food. However, it can be overwhelming when selecting where to go but we do hope this article gave you some food for thought, and helped you narrow down your list.

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