Bevvy of the Week – LBV Port

LBV Port – Late Bottled Vintage Port

Bevvy of the Week - LBV Port

The crazy season is just about upon us and it seems to have come around faster than ever this year. With all the running around buying presents and food for the big day, the bevvys can be pushed way down the list of things to buy and more than likely it’s a last minute dash to the Off Licence. With a little planning your festive drinks can be as much of a treat as the Christmas dinner.

A couple of drinks really fit into Christmas and Port is just one, and having just returned from Portugal recently I feel it’s only fitting to start the Christmas bevvys with it.

There are a number of different styles and types of Port but I’m just going to focus on ” Late Bottled Vintage” or ” LBV” Ports. LBV Ports were created to give the consumer the experience of a Vintage Port without the price tag. The strange thing about LBV Port is that they spend twice as long in wood than vintage port.

LBV Ports are rich, full bodied and full of flavor. They are ideal after Christmas dinner and for sipping on throughout the evening. They start at around €18 and work their way up.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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