3 Awesome Gift Ideas for the ‘Foodie’ in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the ‘Foodie’ in Your Life

Everyone knows somebody who thinks of themselves as the ultimate foodie and gourmet connoisseur. If your mum enjoys a tipple now and then, your dad loves spending time in the kitchen creating new flavour combinations, or your other half is a bit of a fusion food fanatic, it makes sense that you will want to get them a ‘foodie’ gift this holiday season. Take a look at these awesome ideas to inspire your gift-giving this Christmas.

3 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life - The Life of Stuff

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Gift Ideas #1 Personalised Alcohol and Accessories

It’s all too easy to pick up a cheap bottle of plonk and put it into a wine bag to then gift this on Christmas Day. You need to be a little bit more original and think outside the box. Many people like the thought of heading off on a wine tasting course to enhance their palette and understand the vineyard culture. If you know someone who enjoys a tipple, think about purchasing them a personalised bottle of their favourite rioja or chardonnay. Or if distilleries or breweries are their thing, consider a personalised bottle of whiskey or their favourite beer.

3 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life - Alcohol

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If you know that the person you are buying for already has a cellar full of wine, whiskey, and scotch, think about purchasing some gin and tonic glasses for their drinks cabinet. The art of gift-giving has become voucher and cash led in recent years. Claim back the art of gift-giving by wrapping up something tangible that can make someone smile come Christmas Day.

Gift Ideas #2 Food Lovers Experiences

The finest gifts you can give are those that create lifelong memories. Cookery schools and cooking classes often provide opportunities for foodies to learn new culinary skills. If for example, you have a friend who adores rustling up a Thai curry in the kitchen, why not gift them a Thai Cookery School experience. For half a day, they will learn all about the spices used in Thai food, they’ll learn about the range of chillies grown in Bangkok, and they’ll have the chance to learn from an expert and eat whatever they manage to cook on the day.

3 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life - Experiences

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Alternatively, if you have an avid baker in the family, a half-day in an artisan bakery could help them to hone their sourdough starter and improve their pumpernickel proving.

Gift Ideas #3 The Gift of Books

It may seem a little mundane, but many ‘foodies’ are addicted to recipe books. Many individuals even have the latest Nigella Lawson book as their bedtime reading. Think about the sort of cuisine that they love and select the bestseller in that range.

3 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life - Cook Book

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The Bish Bash Bosh range of books are popular among vegans and those keen to explore a more plant-based lifestyle. Alternatively, for those food lovers who are crazy about baking cakes, the latest Nadiya Hussein book takes some beating.

For Irish food lovers consider JP McMahon’s The Irish Cookbook, or Michael Kelly’s Grow Cook Eat that will inspire you to do just that! Or the latest releases from Diana Henry, Domini Kemp, Donal Skehan or Nevin Maguire. To go the extra mile you can even spend a little bit of extra cash and source a book that is signed by your loved one’s favourite chef or food writer. The likes of Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and Marcus Wareing often go out of their way to sign some books ready for the Christmas gift-giving season.

If you are keen to explore the foodie world of gifts, be inspired by this short guide and brighten up your food lover’s Christmas, birthday, or any day!


3 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Foodie in Your Life - The Life of Stuff


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