Bevvy of the Week – 19 Crimes Red Blend

19 Crimes Red Blend

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is a blended red wine from south eastern Australia called 19 Crimes Red Blend.

I picked this bottle up because the label caught my eye. On the front, they’ve printed mugshots of prisoners who were sent to Australia for crimes they had committed, and which in their own way, became infamous from their time spent there.

Bevvy of the Week Recommendation - 19 Crimes Red Blend

I decided to give the wine a try and I wasn’t disappointed. The blend is made up from three grape varieties, Shiraz, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Grenache. Aged in American oak, this wines shows characteristics of plum, cherries and a hint of pepper.

At 13.5% volume you would expect the wine to be rich and full-bodied, but in fact, the wine is quite light, with even a degree of sweetness to it. A very enjoyable, easy drinking wine which will pair well with red meats and pasta dishes.

19 Crimes Red Blend costs around €10 per 750ml bottle and you can find it in most Off Licences.

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The Life of Stuff - Bevvy of the Week - 19 Crimes Red Blend


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