Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers – 9 Notable Gizmos

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers

If there’s someone in your life that fancies themselves a bit of a tech geek, then it can be a little challenging to know what to buy them. After all, there are so many gadgets out there, but which ones will they truly love and which are just fads?

Here are nine ‘gift inspiration for gadget lovers’, for the techy gizmo lovers in your life.

Nine Notable Gizmos – Gift Inspiration for Gadget Lovers

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #1

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The quality of headphones and earbuds have advanced hugely in recent years. Not only can you get crystal clear sound and thumping bass, but also a host of other features.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers - 9 Notable Gizmos - Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesPhoto by Kelly Sikkema

Choose a pair that have a noise-cancelling setting. This will block out any external noise, letting you hear without being interrupted. If you’re listening to your phone or taking work calls, you can also find models that let your control features on calls too.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #2

EMF Blockers

With so many pieces of technology in our lives, our exposure to blue light and EMF radiation is increasing, which could have potential health implications. Reduce this by finding the best EMF blocking products to manage overall levels.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #3

VR Headset

If you watched any futuristic movie from the 80s and 90s, then virtual reality was probably featured in some way. And for some, by now, it was expected that we should be living in a hyper-realistic virtual reality environment. However VR technology for the consumer market hasn’t really progressed as it was expected to.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers - 9 Notable Gizmos - VR Headset

Photo by Amr Taha™

With saying that, developments have speeded up in recent years especially with the Metaverse expanding every day. And some of the latest VR headsets on the market are fantastic, and the perfect gift for any technology lover.

Want to watch a movie, conquer an alien battlefield or become a Jedi, it’s all possible in virtual reality.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #4

Smart Gym

Do you want a state-of-the-art fitness facility in your own home? Then a smart gym could revolutionise your life. Looking a little like a digital poster-board, smart gyms are mounted to a wall and can digitally alter the resistance on the machine, so that you don’t need a room full of barbells and plates.

The touchscreen can show you the correct form and various sensors assess your form and suggest improvements. It’s like having a gym and personal trainer in one.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers - 9 Notable Gizmos - Power Bank


Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #5

Power Bank

Running out of charge when you’re on the move can be inconvenient.  There are a lot of styles of power banks (portable chargers) out there which can keep you up and running. From a credit card-sized USB charger to a unit capable of keeping the more power-hungry appliances charged.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #6

Smart Notebook

People usually fall into two camps when it comes to taking notes. They either prefer to do everything electronically, or use a good old fashioned paper and pen. But what if there was something that could please both sets of people?

Smart notebooks are reusable electronic paper that you write on with a specialist pen and then transfer the information to a computer programme. The sophisticated handwriting recognition software can accurately transfer even the most unruly handwriting.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers - 9 Notable Gizmos - Portable Speakers

Photo by Michael Soledad

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #7

Portable Speakers

Take the party anywhere with a good quality wireless speaker. The technology on these is so good now, they sound like the real thing but with the added bonus of being compact, wireless and rechargeable. Connect your phone, tablet or laptop via bluetooth and get your party started.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #8

Smart Frame

Used in commercial capacity for some time, smart frames (digital picture frames) are now making their way into the home too. Imagine being able to see at a glance your family’s calendar and to do list, traffic updates or your favourite playlists.

It can all be controlled from your Alexa speaker, which means that you’ll get the convenience of an ‘at a glance’ calendar which you can keep updated, and access on your smartphone too. The smart frame can also be used for other apps on your smart speaker as well as watch TV or listen to music.

Gift Inspiration For Gadget Lovers #9

Personal Photo Printer

We’ve all got the capacity to take amazing photos on our phones and digital cameras, but they often just end up languishing on your phone, never seeing the light of day.

A compact, digital photo printer makes the ideal gift. No cables or drivers ended. Simply connect your phone or laptop via an app and print out all those little masterpieces you’ve taken over the years.

There’s never been a better time to buy gifts for gadget lovers. There are so many amazing gizmos on the market, you really are spoiled for choice. With items to suit every taste and budget, you are sure to find something that they’ll love.

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