How to Photograph Your Pets – 10 Top Tips with CEWE IE

Photograph Your Pets – 10 Top Tips with CEWE IE

American comedian W.C. Fields coined the phrase ‘never work with children or animals’. And if you have either, and you’ve tried to capture them on film you’ll understand where his point of view comes from.

But jesting aside, there really is nothing more endearing than the perfect portrait of a child in action, or your pooch for that matter. And if you can capture both together you’re on to a winner.

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But capturing a frame-worthy photo of your pet can be difficult. And it’s very easy to fill your camera or smartphone with photo after photo of fuzzy images of your furry friend!

But fret not, we’ve teamed up with the creative crew at to bring you ten top tips on how to photograph your pets.

CEWE know and understand how important our fur babies are to us. And their award-winning team love nothing more than printing, framing and creating personalised wall art and picture books of your pampered pets.

How to Photograph Your Pets - 10 Top Tips with CEWE - happy catPhoto by Ema Dlakic

How to Photograph Your Pets – 10 Top Tips with CEWE IE

Gone are the days when you needed an expensive camera to take good photographs. Nowadays most of our photographs and videos are captured on our phones. And depending on the make and model of yours, and how much you practice, you really can get professional looking photographs from them. Of course if you have said camera, make the most of it, but always remember to have your settings at the ready for the perfect portrait.

And with camera or smartphone in hand, here are our top ten tips on how to photograph your pets:

  1. Get Down and Dirty – No we’re not talking about twerking with your pets, unless it helps to get the perfect shot. What we are recommending though is that you get down to your pet’s level. Sarah-Jane White, Animal Behaviourist and Professional Photographer at Ruffle Snuffle®, has the following advice for taking portraits of dogs; “For the best results, take a low angle shot that captures your dog in its natural habitat. Depending on what breed of dog you have, you may need to crouch or lie on the ground to get an eye-to-eye shot. I have spent a lot of time laying in the snow and mud to get shots – but it’s worth it.”

    How to Photograph Your Pets - 10 Top Tips with CEWE - make the most of lightingPhoto by Yosei G

  2. Make the Most of Lighting – Natural light is always the best type of lighting, so if you can always consider outdoor shots. If this isn’t possible, try for photographs that allows for natural light to come into the room, be it a window or open door. On the flip side, on special occasions, you can always make the most of artificial lighting around your home. A backdrop of fairy lights all year round, a cosy moment in front of the fire, or the endless opportunities around pretty Christmas lights.

  3. Focus on the Eyes – They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. And whether your pet has emerald cat eyes, or puppy dog eyes, focusing on them can make for a wonderful portrait. Try to catch your pet’s eye with a prop to get their attention to look at you, aim for that moment where you capture the reflection of light in their eyes (catchlight). Have your camera at the ready if they’re busy studying something and snap away to get that perfect shot.

    How to Photograph Your Pets - 10 Top Tips with CEWE - focus on the eyesPhoto by Mohammed Sadiq

  4. Consider the Background – Sometimes you can be lucky enough to get a fantastic capture of your pet when out and about, or just lazing about. However if you’re aiming for a portrait style photo. try and avoid busy and bustling backgrounds, instead aim for block colours that compliment your pet. The backdrop of a neutrally painted wall for close-ups can work wonders, making your pet the absolute centre of attention, highlighting their colour and the texture of their coat.

  5. Sometimes Outdoors is Best – Nature’s own colours will always work as a wonderful background to your furry pal, fresh green grass, cobalt blue sky, rustic brown woods. Not to mention all that natural light! Keep your eyes peeled for what setting compliments them most, and even if you don’t capture them there and then, you can always return for a special photoshoot.

    How to Photograph Your Pets - 10 Top Tips with CEWE - outdoors is bestPhoto by Kasper Rasmussen

  6. Catch Your Pets in the Act of Play – Play time for your pets is usually their happiest, second to eating. From frolicking with their favourite toys, to running, jumping, climbing and even hiding, put yourself in their playful mindframe and as we mentioned before – get down to their level. Also put yourself in the mindframe of an Action or Sports Photographer and set your phone’s camera to burst, or use a fast shutter speed on your camera. What you’re trying to do here is capture the action and your pet in motion.

  7. What’s your Pet’s Personality? – Every pet has a personality, so why not capture your furry best pal’s unique character to remind you of theirs. Perhaps they’re giddy and inquisitive, or maybe they’re shy but protective. From fun-loving to loving fun, observe your pet and their personality and think about highlighting it in a photo.

  8. Consider Using Props for your Pet Photoshoot – From a cat in a hat, to a dog on a log, props can make for a really sweet setting. But don’t go overboard! Always ensure your pet is comfortable and keep their safety and feelings a priority. Talk to them throughout your photoshoot and always remember treats!

    How to Photograph Your Pets - 10 Top Tips with CEWE - consider propsPhoto by Henry Lai

  9. Pamper Your Pet – Unless you’re going for that ‘messing in the mud’ photo. Or the ‘playing in the snow’ shot, have your pet looking their absolute best. Washed and brushed or go for a full groom, whatever works best for you and your little love. Their coat will shine, and the eyes will sparkle, but ultimately they will know that you care and they have your full attention.

  10. Always Have Your Camera Ready – Finally if you can, always have your phone or camera to hand because it’s always those spontaneous moments that provide the best captures – when they’re sitting in just the right light, or perfectly posing.

How to Photograph Your Pets – Creating Wall Art with CEWE IE

Here at The Life of Stuff HQ, I put my photography skills to the test with my top ten tips. Follow the steps below as I show you how I created CEWE Wall Art of our beloved Charlie.

  1. Take Your Photograph using our ‘How to Photograph Your Pets‘ guide.
  2. Choose the photo you want to print and frame.
  3. Decide where you want to hang your wall art because this will have an influence on the style of wall art you choose, and its size.

    How to Photograph Your Pets - 10 Top Tips with CEWE IE - The Website

  4. Go to CEWE.IE and check out the styles of Wall Art they specialise in.
  5. You might actually prefer a Canvas Photo Print or an Acrylic Photo Print. I decided on a Large Frame Photo Print in a Modern, Contemporary Frame with a White Mount.
  6. Go to CEWE.IE and upload your photograph. Always use the original and highest resolution of the photograph.

  7. Decide on the style of paper you want the photograph printed on and the colour and style of frame, wooden or metal.
  8. Place your order.
  9. Wait for your personalised wall art to arrive and delight when it does.

    How to Photograph Your Pets - 10 Top Tips with CEWE IE - Our Pet Wall Art

  10. Hang your your personalised wall art of your favourite furry pal and adore it forever.

We said our last goodbye to our good boy Charlie last October and I was heartbroken. It still feel robbed of the time we should have had with him. But such is the circle of life.

Working with Cewe to write How to Photograph Your Pets – 10 Top Tips with CEWE IE was in a way heart wrenching but also therapeutic because as a result I have a beautiful framed photo of our little love on our living room wall that fills me with emotion whenever my eyes fall upon it. And thankfully those emotions have turned from sadness of love lost into gratefulness of love experienced.

Inspiring you to capture your little furry friends in their best light, this guide will also encourage you to celebrate them too. And who doesn’t want a framed photo of their little pet.

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