4 Worthwhile Ways to Give Your Furniture New Life

Ways to Give Your Furniture New Life

It’s a sad moment. The day that you look at your old furniture and realise that their time is up. It can happen at any time. Whether you have just redecorated your room or upgraded other furniture, some things don’t age well.

Before you call up waste removal, there are some things you can do to squeeze out some last juice from your most-loved pieces. If your furniture and decor are still in good condition, the chances are, they still have some potential.

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4 Worthwhile Ways to Give Your Furniture New Life - Reupholster and renew

Give Your Furniture New Life #1 – Reupholster and Renew

Worn and torn furnishings that still hold their structure and shape – still have room to impress.

Reupholstering breathes new life into old, aged furniture by dressing it up in new material. It gives lots of room for experimentation with colour and pattern as you can choose it yourself. The result is a unique item that no one else has!

Some simple reupholstering projects can become a DIY project. However reupholstering larger pieces of furniture or furnishings isn’t something you should try do yourself, especially if it’s your first time because – it’s not easy! Upholstering takes time. However, before you start shopping again, contact your local upholstery shop to see what is possible. Upholsterers are skilled visionaries who will open you up to your item’s true potential, by guiding you to the best materials and finishings to use.

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4 Worthwhile Ways to Give Your Furniture New Life - DIY Restoration

Give Your Furniture New Life #2 – Your DIY Restoration

Replacing and restoring furnishings doesn’t have to be expensive. With a little time set aside and some accessories, you’ll soon struggle to recognise that old worn-out piece that was in the corner!

Wooden furniture can find new life with a little paint to match your chosen colour scheme. This can become a fun and easy at-home project.

As the wood is already be treated, in most cases you won’t simple be able to sand off the original paint. And so along with a good primer, it can several coats to cover your piece. Take your time and enjoy this little moment of creative therapy.

If you are looking for that vintage distressed effect, paint the furniture an off-white and then apply a darker colour with a cloth following the grain for that washed-out look.

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4 Worthwhile Ways to Give Your Furniture New Life - Accessorise

Give Your Furniture New Life #3 – Accessorise and Find Some Life

Whether it’s an old chest of drawers or your favourite living room couch, its new life could be an accessory away. Adding new cushions, fitting new handles, and simple throws or table runners can disguise and give a new look to furniture that you have.

To finish off your handy work, or the upholsterers, experiment with accessories in your colour scheme to complete the look.

Give Your Furniture New Life #4 – Sell It Online

Sometimes, you just can’t see how to make your old furniture work with your new design. For good quality preloved items, there is always someone else who will see its potential.

4 Worthwhile Ways to Give Your Furniture New Life - Sell online

When done well, renovating and selling pre-loved items is a business for many. To market your piece, you can choose to sell your furniture through social media with a little video marketing and good quality photographs or even hire someone to do it for you. Don’t rule this out as a fun side hustle!

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When your furnishings and decor start to look out-of-date, it’s not the end of their life. Get creative, experiment with the possibilities and you might just be surprised by the looks that you can achieve.

With a mix of vision and even the odd accessory, you’ll breathe life into your most-loved old decor. If you enjoy doing this, don’t rule it out as a potential business. Re-designing, restyling and giving life to pre-loved items can be a profitable weekend project.

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