Hiring a Car for Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip

Car Hire: Honeymoon Road Trip in the South of France

Hiring a Car of Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip: This time last year Patrick and my ‘Big Day’ was over and we celebrating our Honeymoon. Where has the year gone? 

Hiring a Car of Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip

We have travelled quite extensively as a couple. We have travelled around India, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South America and quite a number of European cities, Uk as well as New York. We would do it all again in a heartbeat but there are still so many places we want to see before we return to our favourite destinations. We have yet to travel to and around South Africa and Central America and we want to visit a lot of places in the US and in Europe.

Hiring a Car of Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip

When it came to deciding on the destination of our Honeymoon, we decided that firstly we wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before. We made a list of these places and decided on which ones would make a good honeymoon destination. From this list we researched the weather in these places and the outcome was that although July is the peak of the Irish summer and a great time to get married, our wedding weekend was glorious, it is not the best time to take a honeymoon in certain countries prone to rainy seasons and monsoons.

Hiring a Car of Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip

In the past Patrick and I had loved backpacking and flash-packing around the world. We loved the excitement of seeing new places and meeting new people every day, so with this in mind and the fact that we both have a weakness for French food and wine, plus the connection of getting engaged in Paris, we decided to keep with the French theme and made the South of France our Honeymoon destination.

Hiring a Car of Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip

We could have flown to Cannes or stayed in St. Tropez in Five Star luxury for two weeks but that didn’t excite us enough. We wanted to see The South of France. We wanted to stay in different cities, dine on local cuisines, drink wine from local vineyards and stay in luxury châteaux and hotels along the route from Bordeaux to Nice when doing so. The plan was to hire a car and drive from Bordeaux, stopping off in cities like Saint Emillion, Albi, Avignon, Aix-En-Provence, St. Tropez with a short detour to Monaco to finally arrive in Nice. After researching which Car Hire Company to choose the answer was simple and we chose Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They had received some of the best feedback on forums, had the best selection of cars to choose from, were great value with costs explained online and would allow us to pick the car up in Bordeaux at the most convenient location for us and then drop it off in Nice, again at a location that suited us. Just what we wanted and needed.

Hiring a Car of Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip

Hiring the car was simply done online. We printed out the forms we needed and kept them in small folder for safe keeping. We also had confirmation emails, should these have gone astray. The car was spotless and had a full tank as we pulled out of the garage. It took us over country roads and down super-fast motorways. The air conditioning was a blessing on some of the very hot days and when we returned it to the drop off garage at Nice Train station we did so with a full tank.

Hiring a Car of Our South of France Honeymoon Road Trip

Our honeymoon was fantastic and we loved every moment of it. We were blessed with fantastic weather. The sights, hotels, châteaux, food and wine we experienced were dreamy. We chose what was right for us and I look forward to hiring a car again to discover more unknown lands to us. I’d have no hesitation hiring from Enterprise Rent-A-Car again as the service was great.

Have you ever hired a car for a Road Trip? Where would your dream Road Trip take place?

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  1. Hello! I am looking at doing the exact same thing for my honeymoon next June. How long did the road trip take you? Was there a good mix of country and city?

    thank you

    Erin Burge

    p.s if you could reply to my email that would be brilliant! xx

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