Bevvy of the Week – West Coast Cooler and Vodka

West Coast Cooler & Vodka

West Coast Cooler & Vodka

This weeks Bevvy of the Week has well and truly been marketed for the ladies. No more will the women of Ireland be mixing a small bit of Vodka with there West Cost Cooler to give it an extra kick as West Coast Cooler has done it for them.

You may or may not have seen the billboards around for West Coast Cooler & Vodka but they are there, and so is this new drink.

Not too long ago they added West coast Cooler Rosé to their range, which went down a big hit with the WCC drinking people of Ireland, followed by the not so popular Citrus.

It has been the done thing to add a drop of vodka to WCC and has been for a long time now, so I’m sure the marketing people got wind of this and out popped West Coast Cooler & Vodka.

WCC Vodka is a Vodka based fruit drink, abv (alcohol by volume) is 7% nearly double the original and rosé ones. It’s a tasty drink and I’m sure it will be a big hit over the summer. WCC & Vodka sells for €10 and you will find it in your local Off Licence.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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