Bevvy of the Week – Rose from The Loire Valley

Rosé from The Loire Valley, France

Rose Wine

image source: Darren Muir on Flickr

With all this fine weather we are having at the moment there’s no better time to get out there and try some of the Rosé wines that seem to sit idle on the wine shelves in the colder months. While most people go for the New World Rosé like the White Zinfandel, I would like to recommend some cracking Rosé wines from the Loire Valley in France.

The Loire Valley is split up into four wine-producing regions and the region where these fine Rose wines come from is called Anjou-Saumur.

There are three styles that are produced here.

Rosé d’Anjou – This Rosé is ideal for people who like just a touch of sweetness to their Rosé Wines.

Rosé de Loire – This Rosé suits people who like all the red berry character but none of the sweetness.

Cabernet d’Anjou – This Rosé would be considered the superior of the three. This Rosé is classed as medium, meaning it has a good degree of sweetness to it.

So the next time you are looking for a good Rosé wine head over to the Loire section in the Off Licence and give these a go. You won’t be disappointed and you should pick them up from between €10 to €15.

Enjoy, Sláinte, 


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