Dingle Distillery Pot Still Gin

Bevvy of the Week - Dingle Distillery Pot Still Gin

Well it didn’t take me long to try Dingle Distillery Pot Still Gin. I was really looking forward it and as I was so impressed with the vodka.

Gin isn’t a drink I drink often but there’s something about it that fits in nicely with lazy summer afternoons and Dingle Original Gin does exactly that.

Dingle Gin uses locally grown botanicals which include Rowan Berry, Fuchsia, Heather and Coriander to mention a few, and of course Juniper.

I must say I really enjoyed this gin. There is a lot of flavour going on but nothing too overpowering.

Dingle Original Gin is 40% abv and will set you back about €32 but it’s worth every single drop.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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