Writers Tears Whiskey

This week I would like to recommend an award-winning Irish whiskey called Writers Tears. 

This Irish whiskey won the best blended whiskey for under €50 in the Irish Whiskey Awards 2013, and there’s no wonder why as this is a very enjoyable whiskey.

Bevvy of the Week - Writers Tears Irish Whiskey

Writers Tears is a blend of malt whiskey and pot still whiskey (60% malt, 40% pot still), and is matured and aged in American Oak Bourbon casks. It is produced by Walsh Whiskey Distillery in Carlow.

This Irish whiskey gives aromas of green apples with a soft touch of vanilla. This is followed up on the palate with spice, a small bit of ginger and oak. The whiskey has a lingering finish that leaves you wanting more.

A bottle of this award-winning whiskey will cost around €45.

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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