Primal Scream, The Olympia Theatre, Dublin, 2013 in Photo’s

Primal Scream, October 27th 2013, The Olympia, Dublin


If you follow me on the social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as well as Instagram you would know by now that I was at the, and throughly enjoyed the Primal Scream gig on Bank Holiday Sunday. It was a really brilliant gig and anyone who got to a chance to witness it would agree. The band knew how to get and keep their crowd going and mixed some of their well known older songs with some of their songs from their new album ‘More Light‘, an album I featured back in May as my Listen of the Week … and which you can read here.

And now to share some photo’s of the night – Enjoy!

Primal Scream Dublin 2013

Primal Scream 1

Primal Scream 2

Primal Scream 3

Primal Scream 4

Primal Scream 5

Primal Scream 6

Primal Scream 7

Primal Scream 8

Primal Scream 9

Primal Scream 10

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