Bevvy of the Week – Proclamation Irish Whiskey

Proclamation Irish Whiskey

This week’s Bevvy of the Week is the award winning Proclamation Blended Irish Whiskey.

Launched in 2020 and named in honour of the printers of the Irish Proclamation, Proclamation Blended Irish Whiskey won gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition (2021), USA Spirit Ratings (2020) and the San Diego International Wine and Spirit Challenge (2021), not to bad for a newcomer.

Proclamation Irish Whiskey is produced in the Great Northern Distillery, Co Louth and is brought to us by the same company behind the Grace O Malley brand, Inis Tine Uisce Teoranta.

Proclamation Irish Whiskey - Bevvy of the Week

Now to the bevvy…

Really enjoyed this whiskey. Soft, subtle fruit aromas on the nose that follow through to the palate. There’s a touch of sweetness present from being distilled and aged in American oak and finishes with a lingering toasty feel.
You can pick up a bottle of Proclamation Whiskey for around €35. It comes in a 700ml bottle and is 40.7% abv. Keep an eye out for the special gift set that comes with a cool Proclamation Whiskey Glass.
Enjoy, Sláinte,

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Bevvy of the Week - Proclamation Irish Whiskey - The Life of Stuff

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  1. We have tasted this fantastic whiskey. So smooth and no after-burn. Love that Bourbon twist, and that extra alcohol of 40.7% in keeping with the 7 signatures on the Proclamation, genuine story of Ireland. This whiskey represents Ireland in every way. This whiskey is going to be loved worldwide especially in the USA, Gold medals that says it all. Very hard to get a bottle of this golden liquid, best whiskey to come out of Ireland in many a year.
    This will fly in the USA and the Asian countries, its going to be loved by everyone not only the Irish. The box is lovely and makes a brilliant gift.
    The owners have created something special and profitable lets hope we see it widely available. Why is it out of stock ? Its a great whiskey and at the price point its will continue to sell out. The website should have a list of worldwide outlets listed. My Japanese friend her and her husband loved it, they took back a bottle back in 2019. Bourbon twist that makes it, its Irish Whiskey at its best. nice website need constant information and store locator. The label and box deserve an award as does the owner who thought of this concept. The owners have thought of everything nothing left to chance. They deserve to be successful. We would love to see a “Limited Edition” that would be something to behold. Tell the world about Proclamation Whiskey Gold Medals winner. Slain.

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