Vape and Food Pairings – And Yes, it’s a Thing!

A Short Guide to Vape and Food Pairings

Food and wine pairings have been around for years and have changed over time to include dessert and wine, cheese and wine, food and cocktails, and a variety of other combinations.

However, one combo that brings the food pairings method, and food flavours theory into a modern new light is vape and food pairings.

So whether you agree with vaping as whole or not, know that vape and food pairings is actually a thing! And those in the vaping corner believe vape smoke adds a unique touch to a meal, and can therefore provide a person with a new dining experience.

To give you a taste of ‘Vape and Food Pairings’, here’s a short guide featuring popular foods and food groups, and the best vape flavours to pair with them.

Vape and Food Pairings Guide

Vape and Food Pairings - And Yes, it's a Thing! - Breakfast

Breakfast Photo by Imad 786


With breakfast, you are simply recreating the flavours of coffee. Therefore, choosing a coffee, cappuccino, or even a light tobacco flavour will all pair perfectly with your eggs and toast in the morning. If you are someone who prefers fruit and yoghurt, citrus flavours are king.

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Baked Goods/Pastries

If you are eating pastries and baked goods, this is a chance to pair common flavours together. Some of the best vape flavours to choose from will be cinnamon, vanilla, custard, and possibly apple if you are eating an apple tart or something similar.

You can also go down the route of choosing chocolate or coffee flavours, as can both add a touch of richness that can work really well with a dessert that contains them.

Vape and Food Pairings - And Yes, it's a Thing! - Fried Food

Fried Food Photo by Andy Hay

Fried Food

Whether you have a disposable vape pen or a system you built yourself, the best flavours to pair with fried food are vanilla and custard. These flavours can be made to feel and taste even creamier when your mouth has a slight oil coating.

While this sounds a bit off-putting, it’s no different to drinking a certain wine with lamb and getting the same feeling.


When it comes to seafood, you can follow similar rules that you would with wine. White wine is served with seafood because it is light and fresh and adds hints of lemon, orange, and an overall citrus flavour to the meal.

You can use the same logic with vape flavours; don’t move into the realm of berries, but if you keep it in the citrus family, you will make the right impression. Orange and grapefruit are two flavours that are perfect for fish.

Vape and Food Pairings - And Yes, it's a Thing! - Spicy Food

Spicy Food Photo by Louis Hansel

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are interesting because you don’t want to choose a flavour that mixes with the spice. Instead, you want to opt for flavours that have a cooling effect, ones that almost fight the spiciness of a dish.

Menthol, mint, and spearmint variations will all create this cooling effect and are easily the best flavours for spicy food, especially Indian and Mexican meals.


For salads, you want to keep it light again and treat them the same way you would fish, but with a few more options. You can bring in the citrus again, but general fruit flavours will also work perfectly, too.

Vape and Food Pairings - And Yes, it's a Thing! - Milkshakes

Milkshakes Photo by Ali Choubin


If you are having a milkshake, you should choose whichever flavour your milkshake is to vape. Vanilla, custard, strawberry milk, chocolate, coffee, even a few fruity flavours, they can all work in the world of milkshakes.


Cocktails can be a mix of flavours, as it all depends on the type of cocktail you are having. If they are based on a particular fruit, or they’re fruity, pair them with a complementary vape flavour.

On the other hand, if you are serving something like a mojito, you may want to opt for mint or spearmint flavour again. Look at the ingredients of the cocktail and choose a corresponding vape flavour to one of the main ingredients.

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Vape and Food Pairings - And Yes, it's a Thing! - Whiskey

Whiskey Photo by Denise Jans


For your whiskeys, bourbons, and similar drinks, you want to think about an old library or office packed with the scent of tobacco, leather, old books, etc. Speaking of tobacco, tobacco and tobacco variants are all incredible flavours to pair with a whiskey. Coffee can also work, but that would depend on the drink and personal taste.

Coffee/Coffee Liqueurs

Regarding an after-dinner coffee or coffee-based liqueur, we can go back into the world of complementary flavours. An obvious one would be tobacco, but there are a few more options to choose from.

Dessert flavours like vanilla, custard, and cake could all work, as well as most other pastry-based flavours that you can make or find.

Vape and Food Pairings - And Yes, it's a Thing! - Red Wine

Red Wine Photo by Bundo Kim

Red Wine

Red and white wines are fairly easy to judge when it comes to choosing complementary vape flavours. For red wine, you want to opt for dark, rich flavours like chocolate or tobacco, and you might get away with a brownie-like flavour too.

Avoid using light or very fruity flavours as they will either not mix well with the red wine or simply get overpowered.

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White Wine

On the other hand, white wine is all about freshness and fruitiness. Because of this, choose citrus flavours, vanilla, and other flavours in this “light” category. You don’t want something that will fight and overpower the subtle touches and tastes that white wine has.

As you can see, pairing vape liquids with foods is all about finding the main flavours of the dish and then either finding a complementary vape juice or one that doesn’t overpower it and become the main focus.

Feature Photo by Jakub Dziubak

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