Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland

The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland

March 2023, and renowned Restaurateurs Chef Derry Clarke and his wife Sallyanne teamed up with hoteliers Ray Byrne and Eoin Doyle to lead the dining experience at The Club at Goffs, a new 50-room, four-star luxury hotel in the heart of thoroughbred county, Kildare.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland with The Life of Stuff
The Club at Goffs Hotel

Behind the Scene at The Club at Goffs

Individually and as a team, Byrne and Doyle already possess a collection of thriving and renowned independent hotels, many of which have long been esteemed for their exceptional cuisine and top-tier hospitality.

From Byrne’s Wineport Lodge which became synonymous with the well-loved Irish TV show “The Restaurant”, to the BrookLodge & Macreddin Village, owned by Doyle and his siblings, which showcases Ireland’s sole certified organic restaurant, ‘The Strawberry Tree’. Jointly, Doyle and Byrne hold ownership of the acclaimed gastropub, The Queens in Dalkey, as well as Eccles Hotel & Spa in Glengarriff, a cherished destination for food enthusiasts in western Cork.

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Up Front at The Club at Goffs

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Derry and Sallyanne
Derry & Sallyanne Clarke photo courtesy of The Club at Goffs

Derry and Sallyanne Clarke are renowned figures in the culinary world, specifically in Ireland. Their names are synonymous with the restaurant industry, and throughout their careers they have made significant contributions to the realm of Irish cuisine.

Derry Clarke: a celebrated chef, who earned a Michelin star through his tenure at the esteemed L’Ecrivain restaurant in Dublin, a venture he co-founded alongside his wife Sallyanne Clarke, and a testament to his exceptional culinary prowess.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Derry Clarke in the Kitchen
Chef Derry Clarke in the Kitchen courtesy of The Club at Goffs

Sallyanne Clarke: a visionary restaurateur, who played an instrumental role in propelling L’Ecrivain to greatness. Beyond her culinary expertise, she demonstrated adeptness in managing the restaurant’s multifaceted aspects. Her unwavering dedication and unparalleled knowledge firmly established the eatery as a premier dining destination in Ireland.

And so there’s no denying The Club at Goffs, under the Clarke’s stewardship, and Byrne and Doyle’s hospitality experience, will be both a gastronomic and hospitable hit with unwavering commitment to premium customer services, accommodations and dining experience. And no doubt they’ll create an ambiance of refined wining and dining that will solidify its position as a cherished haven for both locals and visitors alike.

Wine & Dine and Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland

Nestled in the heart of County Kildare, The Club at Goffs boasts 50 beautifully appointed bedrooms.

Ideally positioned just off the N7 and less than an hour’s drive from Dublin City Centre, The Club at Goffs provides an idyllic retreat from the bustling pace of daily life. It offers a diverse range of captivating activities and luxurious amenities, creating a perfect mix of relaxation, exploration, and opulence.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Interior Design
Equestrian Inspired Interior Design

Guests are welcomed into lavish and cozy bedrooms, offering a serene haven after days spent uncovering local gems such as the Irish National Stud, the world-renowned Japanese Gardens, and championship golf courses at The K Club, Carton House, and Palmerstown House Estate.

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A brief distance away lies Kildare Village, where a charming open-air shopping haven awaits, adorned with an impressive array of prestigious brands.

The hotel’s stylish, equestrian-inspired decor caters to diverse visitors: attendees of Goffs sales events, discerning business travellers seeking privacy and comfort, and those in pursuit of a delectable culinary journey in the heart of thoroughbred country.

And it should certainly be considered an option for those who want sleep in style instead of under the stars when attending one of the many Irish festivals that take place in and around Dublin and Kildare.

My Guest Experience at The Club at Goffs

The sun was out on our arrival at The Club at Goffs which I’m sure the young grass, trees and plants around the hotel were in awe of, just as much as we were, because July had truly been a washout.

Having just come from Kildare Village and a spot of shopping (it’d be rude not to), there was no horsing around as we parked up, and made our way to reception. Passing the bike for hire in the foyer, which allows guests to explore the surrounding paddocks, we made our way inside. And from the moment Patrick and I stepped into the lobby, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of relaxed but chic sophistication and elegance.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Horseshoe Bar
Horseshoe Bar

A glimpse of the horseshoe-shaped bar, restaurant and veranda caught my eye but my attention was quickly won over by the genuine, warm smile and greeting we received as we made our way to reception. First impressions do count in the world of hospitality, and when you’re handed a fresh glass of cooled pink prosecco on arrival, that impression is sure to set you trotting away with delight.

We were shown to our paddock view room, and as I entered it I was immediately struck by how bright and airy it felt. A grand sized bedroom, with enough room for a pony, but it would only spoil the freshly laid carpet so best keep it in the paddock below.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Paddock Room View
Paddock View Room

Every room in The Club at Goffs is equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including sleek 50-inch smart TVs, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, Irish ‘Creed Coffee Roasters’ coffee and french press, and sumptuous bathrooms stocked with organic Irish Voya products.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Private Balcony
And they’re off! – Private Balcony

And as the sun shone across the paddock below and into our room we could see the attention to detail in its design and layout. The room exuded a sense of modern luxury, with tastefully chosen furnishings and plush bedding. And I loved the private balconies and the way they were designed to look like individual ‘starting gates’.

Wining & Dining at The Club at Goffs

With Chef de Cuisine Derry Clarke and Head Chef James Sheridan in charge of the kitchen, and Restaurateur Sallyanne Clarke the restaurant, we had a feeling we wouldn’t be disappointed with our dining experience at The Club at Goffs.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - The Restaurant
The Restaurant

Our dinner was booked for 7.00pm, an early enough sitting but an ideal time to give me a chance to capture the restaurant before fellow diners arrived. Again we were greeted warmly, and shown to our table.

Orders for drinks and dinner taken and soon enough Patrick was enjoying his glass of Guiness and deliciously fresh ‘Kelly’s Native Oysters’ with cucumber and apple.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Kelly's Oysters
Kelly’s Native Oysters

I opted for the Scallops and Red Mullet dish which was presented beautifully. It was pleasantly light in taste but in hindsight, I could have added some seasoning.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Scallop Starter
Scallops and Redfish

For our mains Patrick opted for the Boyne Valley Lamb Rump and I for the Gilligan’s Dry Aged Beef Ribeye.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Boyne Valley Lamb Rump
Boyne Valley Lamb Rump

Both meat dishes were cooked to our liking, medium-rare, succulent and tasty, and our sides of french fries with truffle and parmesan, and creamy whipped potatoes were moreish to say the least.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Gilligan's Dry Aged Rib Eye
Gilligan’s Dry Aged Rib Eye

We sipped on Gougenheim Malbec, which described as ‘smooth and full-bodied’ was the perfect choice to complement our meaty mains.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Sunset Veranda
Sunset Veranda

With the sun setting, and a veranda calling our name we found ourselves outside sipping the rest of our wine with our desserts of ‘The Horse Choux’ created by Pastry Chef Elizabeth Derby, and ‘The Club Cheese Plate’ which featured a line-up fit for an All-Ireland, from Ballylisk Brie from Co. Armagh to Cais na Tire Sheep Milk from Co. Tipperary.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Horse Choux Dessert
The Horse Choux

Service was a little on the slow side throughout our dinner experience but we didn’t mind, junior staff will grow with experience especially under the expertise and guidance of guru Sallyanne Clarke. And every dish and drink was brought to us with a smile, so that’s what counts.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - The Cheese Plate
The Club Cheese Plate

And when the sun finally went to bed, we decided to put The Club at Goffs expert Mixologist (Aaron Murphy) to the test, and they certainly won the national, with two delicious drinks that would have you ‘chomping at the bit’ for more, and if you’re that way inclined you could always indulge.

We recommend ‘Sea the Stars’ – gin, Cointreau, amaretto, vanilla, lemon juice and cocktail foam, and ‘Quarter Moon’ – tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, earl grey syrup, bitters and cocktail foam.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - French Toast Breakfast
French Toast

We slept soundly that night, and in the morning we made our way to the restaurant for breakfast. Another genuine welcome and we chose this time to sit in one of the booths within the restaurant for our morning meal. And although tempted by the Full Irish, we decided to order two dishes to share; the Eggs Benedict with Salmon and the French Toast, along with tea, coffee, orange juice and the freshest of mini pastries.

Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - Eggs Benedict with Salmon
Eggs Benedict with Salmon

I have to say all the staff we engaged with at The Club at Goffs from our arrival through to our departure seem really very happy. And in my opinion, and in every industry, this type of contentment, job satisfaction and pride of work comes from the top, and trickles it way through the ranks of colleagues within to create a relaxing and happy atmosphere to both work in, and to experience as a customer.

It was a pleasure to chat with Sallyanne as she lit up the restaurant on the evening of our meal, and to Derry on the morning of our departure. General Manager Louise and her team were there to greet us and send us off – over the finish line, and we have no doubt in our minds that we’ll be back galloping to The Club at Goffs soon again.

Photos by The Life of Stuff

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Wine, Dine & Stay at The Club at Goffs, Kildare, Ireland - The Life of Stuff

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