Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 – A Triple Win for Kildare

A Triple Win for Kildare at The Georgina Campbell Awards 2023

October 2023, and County Kildare is celebrating a triumphant moment in the esteemed Georgina Campbell Awards. This picturesque Irish county, and my home county, is beaming with pride as three outstanding establishments garner well-deserved recognition.

It’s a resounding testament to the unwavering commitment, innovation, and excellence that have become the hallmark of Kildare’s vibrant hospitality and culinary landscape.

Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 - A Triple Win for Kildare - The Life of Stuff
Restaurant Photo by Changhui Lee

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The Georgina Campbell Awards 2023

What are The Georgina Campbell Awards?

The Georgina Campbell Awards, the longest-running hospitality awards in Ireland, stand as a testament to the country’s vibrant culinary and accommodation scene. For over two decades, these prestigious accolades have celebrated the very best in Irish hospitality, recognising and honoring establishments that go above and beyond to provide exceptional experiences for travelers and food enthusiasts.

With a discerning eye and a deep appreciation for quality, Georgina Campbell and her team have scoured the length and breadth of Ireland to unearth hidden gems, innovative dining experiences, and characterful places to stay. These awards have become a trusted guide for anyone seeking the finest Irish hospitality, whether it’s a cozy B&B, a top-notch restaurant, or a quirky boutique hotel.

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The Georgina Campbell Awards are more than just a seal of approval; they serve as an inspiration for businesses across the country to maintain the highest standards of service, sustainability, and innovation. In a land famous for its warm hospitality and rich culinary traditions, these awards are a reminder of the dedication and passion that drive Ireland’s hospitality industry, making it a must-visit destination for travelers who crave unforgettable experiences and delectable flavors.

The Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 – Kildare Winners

Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 Restaurant of the Year

Neighbourhood in Naas, Co. Kildare


Nestled at the heart of Naas, Kildare, Neighbourhood has rightfully earned its moment in the limelight. Inaugurated in 2022, this enchanting dining establishment, masterfully reimagined by proprietor Tom McGrath and his team, has enraptured patrons with its welcoming ambience and exceptional cuisine. The restaurant’s bespoke tables, chairs, and wine display units, artfully crafted by Waterford Wood of Ardmore, establish an inviting setting. Complementing this atmosphere is the exquisite Fermoyle Pottery, a product of the talented Kerry artisans, Stephen O’Connell and Alexis Bowman.


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Chef Gareth Naughton’s culinary wizardry has charmed diners with a delicate touch that underscores both the intricacy and simplicity of each dish. Neighbourhood’s commitment to championing local suppliers shines through in their thoughtfully curated menus. This inclusive dining destination has rapidly become an integral facet of Naas’s dynamic culinary tapestry, offering outstanding value and indelible dining experiences.

Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 Casual Dining Winner; Bar Bistro

The Club at Goffs in Kill, Co. Kildare


The Club at Goffs, in the renowned ‘horsey’ landscape of Kill, Kildare, stands as a radiant star, a testament to the excellence that characterises Kildare’s hospitality offerings. In a splendid unveiling in March 2023, this remarkable 4-star gem, envisioned by industry visionaries Eoin Doyle and Ray Byrne, has swiftly blossomed into an enchanting destination. Just a stone’s throw from Dublin, the hotel presents guests with elegantly appointed rooms and a culinary experience par excellence, masterminded by the gifted duo of Derry and Sallyanne Clarke.

Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 - A Triple Win for Kildare - The Club at Goffs Kill
The Club at Goffs Photo by The Life of Stuff

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The hotel’s dedicated culinary ensemble, under the stewardship of Chef James Sheridan, elevates local and Irish produce to an art form, earning accolades and praise from the very outset. The lively ambiance of the horseshoe-shaped bar, paired with the cordiality and expertise of the staff, has firmly cemented The Club at Goffs as a cherished favorite among both locals and discerning visitors.

Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 Business Hotel of the Year

Clanard Court Hotel in Athy, Co. Kildare


The Clanard Court Hotel, in the picturesque heritage town of Athy in Kildare, is a purpose-built 4-star gem celebrated for its warm hospitality and unique attractions, including a grass enclosure that’s home to the hotel’s charming four-legged residents; The Clanard’s very own Jacobs sheep and alpacas.

Georgina Campbell Awards 2023 - A Triple Win for Kildare - Clanard Court Hotel Athy
The Clanard Court Hotel Photo by The Life of Stuff

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Beyond its renown as a premier and multi-award winning wedding destination, this beloved establishment excels as a hub for business endeavors, accommodating gatherings of 20 to 450 delegates within a range of stylish suites. The hotel also offers on-site team-building and corporate events, skillfully managed by Wicklow’s expert facilitators from Kippure Estate, in addition to modern conference equipment.

This cherished venue’s reputation is further bolstered by its superb, locally sourced cuisine, an exceptional staff, budget-friendly options, and its strategic location—just an hour away from Dublin Airport and easily accessible from all corners of the country. It comes as no surprise that Clanard Court Hotel was honoured with the title of Business Hotel of the Year.

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