Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts that Keep on Giving

Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts

This year unlike years in the past where I put together lists of my favourite gifts for him and her, and even your pet – I’ve decided to put together somewhat of a different listings for you. This Top Ten Irish Christmas Gift listing is for everyone. But particularly for those who have Kris Kindle gifts to buy. Whether it’s for a colleague, between your friends or for your family.

Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts for 2015

Kris Kindle gifts normally have a cut off spend of about €20. Sometimes they are gifts that are thrown together last minute. And often they are gifts that end up in bottom drawers or dare I say it … bottom of the bin! This Kris Kindle gift list does not suffer any of the above. In fact it’s full of gift ideas for gifts that keep on giving.

Making a Change with Your Kris Kindle

Instead of buying something crap this Christmas as a Kris Kindle, buy something worthwhile. HELP make a difference and consider making your Kris Kindle gift purchase a donation.

The listing is in no particular order and in most cases will cost you what you can afford or a minimum of €25. I’ve included all the links you need to make a purchase. How you present your gift (donation) is up to you. But a card with a note is probably the easiest and most effective way.

The Simon Communities

Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts for 2015

“The Simon Communities throughout Ireland provide the best possible care, accommodation and support for people experiencing homelessness and those at risk. Together, with people who are homeless, Simon tackles the root causes, promotes innovative responses and urges the government to fulfil their commitments.

Simon delivers support and service to over 5,000 individuals and families who experience – or are at risk of – homelessness on an annual basis.

The Simon Communities of Ireland is an affiliation of local Communities in Cork, Dublin, Dundalk, Galway, the Midlands, the Mid West, the North West and the South East.”

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Focus Ireland

Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts for 2015

“Focus Ireland works with people who are homeless or are at risk of losing their homes across Ireland.

We offer individuals, and families, advice, support, education and housing to help people to have and keep a home. We believe that everyone has a right to a place they can call home and we campaign to address the causes of homelessness.

Focus Ireland aims to advance the right of people who are homeless to live in a place they can call home, through quality services, research and advocacy.

Focus Ireland believes that everyone has a right to a place they can call home.”

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Women’s Aid

Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts for 2015

“Women’s Aid is a leading national organisation that has been working in Ireland to stop domestic violence against women and children since 1974.

We work to make women and children safe from domestic violence, offer support, provide hope to women affected by abuse and work for justice and social change. Over the course of 40 years the organisation has built up a huge body of experience and expertise on the issue, enabling us to best support women and children and share this knowledge with other agencies responding to women experiencing domestic violence.

Our Direct Services for women experiencing domestic violence underpin and inform all of our work to end domestic violence.”

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Irish Men’s Sheds Association

Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts for 2015

“The Irish Men’s Sheds Association was set up in January 2011 with the purpose of supporting the development and sustainability of Men’s Sheds on the Island of Ireland.

The Irish Men’s Shed Association will work towards a future where all men have the opportunity to improve and maintain their health and well-being by participating in a community Men’s Shed.”

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Top Ten Irish Kris Kindle Gifts for 2015

“Barnardos’ vision is an Ireland where childhood is valued and all children and young people are cherished equally.

Their “mission is to challenge and support families, communities, society and government to make Ireland the best place in the world to be a child, focusing specifically on children and young people whose well-being is under threat.

At the heart of our work in Barnardos is a set of core values which inform every aspect of our services, policies and practices.”

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Belong To

The Life of Stuff - Belong To

“BeLonG To is the national organisation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) young people, aged between 14 and 23.

Our Mission is to provide safe and fun services to LGBT young people across Ireland, which:

  • Facilitate them through exploration, development and growth
  • Enable them to access their rights as equal citizens
  • Empower then to participate as agents in positive social change
  • And to provide advocacy and campaigning voice so that society respects LGBT young people as full and valued members.

BeLonG To’s vision is for an Ireland where Lesbian Gay bisexual and transgender (LGBT) young people are empowered to embrace their development and growth confidently and to participate as agents of positive social change.”

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The Alzheimer Society of Ireland