This Year, Christmas is at Home – 3 Ways to Make it Fun

Christmas is at Home This Year, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is changing our Christmas traditions. A lot of households need to reconsider their traditional Christmas celebrations. If you’re someone who attends Church, for instance, it may not be safe to celebrate Christmas in a crowded area. Unfortunately, the seasonal mass could have devastating consequences for vulnerable individuals.

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Another Christmas tradition that it’s best to forgo this year is the family dinner. Covid experts have warned against the risks of mixing households during the festive period. Visiting your great-aunt this Christmas could expose her to the virus, even if you don’t know you’re carrying it.

In short, this year, Christmas is at home, and is best spent in a small community. Yet, that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as exciting and fun as every other year. You just need to find new ways of making the holiday entertaining, relaxing, and still family-focused.

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1. Have a Christmas Holiday Schedule

Staying at home can be as fun or boring as you make it. One of the most damaging things you can do is to wait. When you wait for the pandemic to end, you basically forbid yourself to carry on with your day-to-day life. There will be a day when covid isn’t a risk anymore. But in the meantime, you can schedule safe activities at home to make the holiday enjoyable.

How about spending a cosy afternoon at home solving a murder mystery game? It’s a great game for a family of at least four people, including children aged 13 and over. For younger players, you can suggest an arcade console, which can be plugged into the TV and have thousands of classic games. You’d be surprised by how fast your little nephew gets to hold with Pac Man.

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2. Introduce Some Soothing Recipes

Christmas food is all about abundance and deliciousness. We spend days just sharing biscuits, chocolate truffles, and leftovers. However, when you can’t invite guests, the Christmas dinner can get a little less exuberant. Yet, you can still inject a sense of indulgence in your choices. Why not pair a lovely homemade warm winter drink with some Christmas nuts for an indulgent afternoon snack?

If you want something special, you could bake a Christmas loaf. The Christopsomo is a Greek Christmas bread recipe that is beautifully decorated and filled with aromatic spices. Gently toast a slice before spreading salted butter. It’s a great alternative to the traditional chocolate snacks that can be sickening in large quantities!

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3. Reach Out to Relatives and Friends

Christmas is the perfect season for catching up with your distant relatives and friends. Yet, things can be tricky this year. However, when a face-to-face dinner isn’t an option, how about a webcam-to-webcam meeting? You can invite your family to your own Zoom Christmas party. It can be a fun way to keep in touch. If you’re worried about it being a little awkward, you can think of an activity, such as a seasonal quiz, for instance. For vulnerable family members who prefer to self-isolate during the holiday, a virtual Christmas party can bridge the gap and prevent loneliness.

Creating togetherness in the middle of a pandemic can be challenging. Yet, challenging doesn’t mean impossible. This year, your Christmas is at home, and it takes a new dimension. It’s a time for playing games together, indulging with style, and finding new ways of keeping in touch with your loved ones. At home, yes, alone, no!

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