3 Real & Encouraging Reasons To Start A Me-Blog In 2021

3 Reasons To Start A Me-Blog In 2021

Why do we Still Need Blogs?

Blogs have been around since the beginning of the Internet as a public service in the 90s. Blogging remains a contemporary tool to share your views about your industry, life, or the world. You need to be realistic about what you can achieve as a blogger.

Some bloggers can fully replace their day-to-day job through their blogging presence. However, it is a rare occurrence. While it doesn’t mean you can’t make money from your blog – you can monetise your presence – it typically acts as a secondary source of income. Think of it as your pocket money! The bottom line: Bloggers don’t create a presence for the financial profit.

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But if money isn’t a reason, why do you need a blog? In uncertain times such as now, a blog gives you the breathing room you need to focus on yourself. And that is the power of blogging. You blog for others, but primarily for yourself. Here’s why it matters:

1 – It May be the Way to Your New Career

Blogging gives you the chance to voice out your opinion. A blogger who shares their professional expertise or their extracurricular talent online could drive positive attention to their skills. Let’s imagine you’re a digital marketer in a busy team. You’ve created a blog in which you discuss Google algorithm changes and what it means for SEO strategies. Your blog could be noticed by other professionals who are impressed by your knowledge. And suddenly, something that started as a passion for SEO could turn into a new career opportunity. Your ‘me-blog’ could get you job offers, even though it wasn’t designed for that purpose.

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Therefore, if you are receiving a lot of attention from businesses who want to collaborate with you or contract you for a project, it’s a good idea to give your blog presence a professional finish. You can add a contact me page and publish your contact details, using low cost virtual online mailbox services for your address and a redirect phone service for your number.

2 – It Makes you Accountable

Have you decided to improve your health? A lot of people turn to social media and blogging to discuss their self-improvement journey. The process can help put your health first as you share your progress and routine with your followers. Making your health a priority is no easy task even if you’ve decided to work on yourself. Human nature continually works against you. It can make you feel lazy and unmotivated without warning! But a ‘me-blog’ or a social media presence keeps you on your toes. It makes you accountable to your readers.

3 Real Reasons To Start A Me-Blog In 2021 - Accountable

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3 – It Gives you a New Perspective

How often do we take the time to think? Everything goes fast in life. More often than not, we give the first answer that comes to mind. It may be an idea we came up a long time ago or an emotional response to a situation. But, the first answer isn’t always our true self. Blogging allows you to dig underneath the surface and think slowly. It is a reflective process that lets you know what you honestly think. Without blogging, who would take the time to explore their thoughts?

3 Real Reasons To Start A Me-Blog In 2021 - Perspective

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You should never start a blog for money, even though it may become a lucrative side hustle, and can eventually lead to a career. You blog to have a voice that can promote your skills, motivates you to become better, or connects you to your thoughts. You blog, therefore, you are.

Are you considering starting a ‘Me-Blog’ in 2021. Did you know The Life of Stuff started life back in 2012, all from the want of creative expression.

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