4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active this Spring

Stay Healthy and Active this Spring

Did you know there are at least three different dates for spring in Ireland? The meteorological dates, astronomical dates and our traditional Gaelic dates.

  • Meteorological Spring: Starts March 1st and Ends May 31st.
  • Astronomical Spring: Starts March 20th and Ends June 20th.
  • Gaelic Spring: Starts February 1st and Ends May 1st.

So whether you believe it’s still spring or in fact the early days of summer we all have to be in agreement that these warmer weather months bring brighter skies and some great moments of excitement after the cold months of winter. In other words it’s the best time to get and stay healthy and active.

This time of year offers you the opportunity to embrace new and healthy lifestyles and control health issues triggered during this time. The following are some tips to stay healthy and active:

Stay Healthy and Active #1 – Do a Spring Clean

Nothing feels more gratifying than coming home to a clean house. However, cleaning your house from top to bottom can be an overwhelming task. It can also be time-consuming and very tiring. It doesn’t matter if you have five minutes or some hours to freshen up your house; you need to give your home a deep cleaning.

4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active this Spring - Spring Clean

Consider cleaning your house from one room to the other. But before you even begin cleaning, make sure that you choose the appropriate cleaning products to help you get rid of stains, shine floors, and vacuum dust. Use hygiene solutions to get a more habitable space in minutes for spring.

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Stay Healthy and Active #2 – Move More

With the ‘grand stretch in the evening’, these warmer weather days offer you a great opportunity to get out and take part in some physical activities. Exercise helps you feel and look your best, and if you haven’t been active, this is the best time to get started.

4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active this Spring - Get Moving

To get the recommended physical fitness exercise, it is essential to visit your doctor, especially if you have heart problems or diabetes. Ensure that you do some low-intensity aerobic exercise for at least 150 minutes. This means that you should aim to work out for at least 20 or 30 minutes every day for five days, and the remaining two days, ensure that you do some muscle-stretching activities.

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Stay Healthy and Active #3 – Stay Hydrated

Dehydration happens when your body loses too much water; your body can lose water in the form of sweating when you exercise. Some common symptoms of dehydration include excess thirst, dry mouth, and having less urine.

4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active this Spring - Stay Hydrated

To stay hydrated, ensure that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after taking part in physical activities.  While staying hydrated is important, ensure that you drink plain water. Avoid drinking sugary drinks, which are sweetened beverages like soda, sports drinks, sweetened water, tea, coffee, and fruit drinks. They are packed with calories.

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Stay Healthy and Active #4 – Eat a Healthy Diet

Many people think about shedding a few pounds as they brush off the winter cobwebs, move into spring and get ready for the summer months ahead. And it’s around this time that many seasonal fruits and vegetables start making an appearance at your local supermarket or farmers’ markets, making it even easier for you to stick to a healthy diet.

4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Active this Spring - Healthy Eating

One of the simplest ways to eat healthily is by including some whole foods in your diet. Ensure that your diet includes fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, unprocessed foods, and whole grains. These foods are packed with nutrients and are usually low in sugar and salt compared to processed foods.

Unprocessed foods like eggs are whole foods loaded with essential nutrients like folate, iron, choline, zinc, and vitamins A, E, and D.

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Bottom Line

These next couple of months are undoubtedly the best months to get back on track with your health. You can improve your overall well-being by eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, spring cleaning your home, and fuel up by working out. In addition, ensure that your kitchen is organised and keep nutritious foods in your fridge and pantry.

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Photos by Vika Aleksandrova – CCO Licence

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