Beauty Fix – The Best Treatment Options For Thinning Hair

4 Of The Best Treatment Options For Thinning Hair

When your hair starts to lose its volume it can be a real concern that may even make you feel self-conscious. While it is normal for people to shed around 50-100 strands of hair on a daily basis, losing more hair than average can be linked to poor diet leading to nutritional deficiencies, age, stress levels, hormone imbalance, and pattern baldness.

If you’re looking to defy thinning hair, it is worth speaking to your dermatologist who will help you to identify the cause of your thinning hair and map out a treatment plan.

Beauty Fix - The Best Treatment Options For Thinning Hair - The Life of Stuff

The treatments they are likely to suggest are the following:

Hair Transplant Surgery

People facing significant hair loss need a long-lasting natural result. Hair transplant surgery is a great option for them as a minimally invasive option that achieves optimum results. Some people choose to have a hair transplant abroad as a more affordable option. The procedure involves taking healthy hair follicles and placing them on thinning or balding areas of the scalp. The transplanted tissue is fused to the scalp and a healthy, full head of hair will grow in its place.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

A relatively newcomer to the treatment of thinning hair, this restoration procedure helps to counter hair loss and thinning using a three-step process.

The first step is to draw blood from the patient and transferring it into an instrument known as a centrifuge which separates the plasma from the rest of the blood cell. The blood processes and separates into platelet-rich and platelet-poor plasmas as well as red blood cells.  The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the thinning portion of the scalp.

These injections are designed to increase the blood supply to the hair follicles which will then increase the rate of cell growth which stimulations natural hair growth. It can take up to three treatments to complete the procedure with six-week intervals in between.


An effective, convenient, and easily accessible therapy to combat hair loss, microneedling uses a handheld roller with tiny needles in it. The roller is used on the scalp to create tiny painless pinpricks on its surface. The body will create collagen to help to ‘heal the injury’ as well as stimulating scalp circulation and new cell growth enabling the growth of new, thick hair. This treatment can be done DIY, but speaking to a dermatologist is still recommended as they can advise the best micro-needling roller to get.

Laser Cap Therapy

If you want another affordable and painless way to help to combat hair loss, then laser cap therapy is a great option. It uses Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to help to revive old and inactive hair follicles that can stimulate new hair growth. It uses a 650 nm wavelength laser light on the scalp to irradiate photons. The weak cells will then absorb the photons to re-energise the hair. Wearing the laser cap for just 30 minutes a day can promote the growth of healthy, dense hair.

Hair loss doesn’t have to ruin your self-esteem. If you’re struggling with the emotional impact of hair loss, discuss your best options today.

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Beauty Fix - The Best Treatment Options For Thinning Hair - The Life of Stuff

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