Tips on How to Choose the Best Shades for Your Skin

Choosing the Best Shades for Your Skin

Understanding the right makeup shades for your skin can be incredibly important, and make a huge difference to the finished look. It can mean that you are confident in your makeup choices and ensure you are happy with each look that you create. Whether you talk about lipstick or eyeshadow and even foundation, choosing a right shade can actually make a significant impact on your appearance.

Many leading brands are now creating makeup for a range of skin types and shades; with such a diverse collection, you can select the right one according to your skin tone. For example, varying shades of foundation and various shades of blusher can have a different effect on different skin; we are, of course, not all the same! Here are a few tips from Northwest Cosmetics on how to choose the perfect shades of makeup for your skin tone.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Shades for Your Skin


Figure Out Your Undertone

Everyone has a different undertone to their skin, which can form the basis of deciding what shade of makeup would suit you best. The two main types of undertone for skin colour is yellow or pink; warm and cool respectively. Choosing the best makeup based on your undertone can ensure you accentuate your natural colour!

There are many different ways to find out your skin undertone. Popular methods include the likes of identifying the colour of your veins; whether they are more green or blue can help you. If you have a warmer, yellow undertone then you will find your veins appear green; if you have a cool undertone then your veins are likely to appear blue.

Likewise, suiting gold or silver jewellery better can also help you to figure out which undertone you likely have. Warmer tones will suit gold, while a cooler skin undertone will naturally look better next to silver.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Shades for Your Skin

Makeup Choices for Warm, Yellow Undertones

If you’ve identified your skin tone as warm, with a yellow undertone, then there are a wealth of options when it comes to shades of makeup. Women with warm skin tones will often tan easily (lucky you!).

When it comes to makeup, reds and oranges are your go-to. Choosing brown eyeliner and mascara over black could also make a positive difference. For warmer skin tones, coral and even fuchsia can be used when it comes to blusher, and bronzers or highlighters with a gold appearance are a guaranteed winner.

Lipstick choices are endless for women with a warm undertone, as shades such as red will work beautifully.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Shades for Your Skin



Makeup Choices for Cool, Pink Undertones

If your skin has more of a pink or cool undertone, there are a whole list of varying shades for you to choose from for your next makeup look. Identifying these colours can ensure your skin remains glowing and enhances your features, instead of draining all the colour from it; something that can happen if you get it wrong!

Those with cool tones to their skin will look great using shades of pink, purple, blue and green. If you’re a fan of red lipstick or vibrant blusher, ensure you choose products with their own blue undertone as this can ensure the shade suits your skin much better.

As a general rule, if you tend to have fairer skin then lighter shades of makeup will suit you perfectly.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Shades for Your Skin


What to Choose If You Have a Neutral Skin Tone

Of course, not all of our skin tones fit into two strict categories. Many women will have a more neutral skin tone, which is characterised as having no obvious undertones and instead showing the skin’s natural colour more prominently. It’s almost a hybrid of warm and cool all at the same time.

Luckily for this skin tone, there are little restrictions in terms of the best makeup shades. With the whole spectrum to choose from, you have the chance to find your favourites and mix them. However, you may want to bear in mind that muted tones would work better, so as not to upset the balance in your complexion!


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