The Essentials of a Winter Beauty Regime

Winter Beauty Regime

Any professional Beauty Therapist worth their salt will tell you of the importance of nourishing your body during winter. Cold winds, pouring rain, harsh temperatures, and a lack of exposure to sunlight all combine to have a negative effect on our skin – not to mention our mood and overall mental wellbeing.

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While a certain level of care can be achieved outside of the salon, there is no denying that professional beauty treatments are most effective when trying to treat the physical consequences of winter. For example, home remedies such as off-the-shelf moisturisers are useful for daily maintenance but are often not as deeply healing as an in-salon facial.

Even though our body tends to be more concealed during the winter and people often feel more lethargic due to the shorter days, keeping up a routine in terms of hair – and skincare is vital – and it is important to ensure that this is front of mind for your winter beauty regime.

The Essentials of a Winter Beauty Regime - The Life of Stuff

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Prioritising The essentials of a Winter Beauty Regime

Focus on the Face

Given that it is the main area of your body that is exposed during the winter season, it is essential to provide focused attention to the face. Rather than recommending an overhauling of a day-to-day routine that can initially cause further aggravation to the skin, we recommend that you consider products and facials that will help tackle problem areas and provide lasting protection.

Beauty Tip: Dermatologists recommend that winter is the best time for a professional skin treatment. Consider treatments such as chemical peels or microneedling, which stimulates new collagen development for glowing skin.

The Essentials of a Winter Beauty Regime - Focus on the Face

Don’t Neglect Hands & Feet

Hands take on a lot of stress throughout the year as we keep them in near-constant use each day. In the winter, it is typical for dry skin to form in the crevices between our fingers and on our palms. Regular manicures will help to keep this at bay and aid nail health to prevent breakages.

It is necessary to look after our feet in the same way during the season, despite the fact that they are rarely on show, consider booking a simple mani-pedi package.

Business Tips for the Professionals: Running special offers, investing in good-quality pedicure chairs, and adding on a foot massage should go a long way towards promoting your pedicures in winter.

The Essentials of a Winter Beauty Regime - Don't Neglect Hands & Feet

Keep the Body Moisturised

Confusingly, the almost constant dampness in the air between November and February actually makes our skin dry out more quickly than usual. Indeed, this climate can trigger dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis that are then further exacerbated by cold temperatures and our tendency to have baths and longer, hotter showers during the winter in an effort to stay warm.

For this reason, consider full-body moisturising treatments such as hydrating wraps and massages with essential oils to help penetrate beyond the initial layer of skin. This should be combined with exfoliation techniques to buff away dead skin and help you to absorb the maximum moisture from the treatments.

Beauty Tip: Always be aware of how your body reacts to certain beauty treatments. It will help you to learn more about what irritates your skin, for example, sometimes it may be necessary to avoid perfumed products.

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