Beauty Fix – 3 Useful Tips For Caring For Sensitive Skin

3 Tips For Caring For Sensitive Skin

For many people, having sensitive skin is an albatross around the neck. It can be a pretty tricky skin type, and it pays to be extra attentive when buying skincare products. In many cases, you never know what skincare routine could trigger irritation.

For many Irish, sensitive skin is common, with 85% having various degrees of sensitive skin. This makes it a good idea to learn how to handle it. You can have fewer irritations with the right information and attention to detail. Below are some useful tips.

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Beauty Fix - 3 Useful Tips For Caring For Sensitive Skin - Avoid Excessive Cleansing

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Caring for Sensitive Skin #1

Avoid Excessive Cleansing of the Face

The skin on your face is thinner than anywhere else on the body. This is why excessive facial cleansing can trigger breakouts and other forms of irritation, even amongst those with normal skin. The situation can be worse for people with sensitive skin. Fortunately, there is a scientific explanation for this. The pH for normal skin is 5.5. However, people with sensitive skin have higher or lower values depending on whether the skin is dry or oily.

Therefore, excessive cleansing of an already thin facial skin de-stabilises the pH further. That causes irritation and general discomfort. To prevent it, dermatologists advise that people with sensitive skin should reduce how often they cleanse. If the product is a conventional cleanser, you may want to reduce its usage to twice a week. On other days, lukewarm water and a very mild facial wash may do the job. However, if you have sensitive skin and wear makeup often, your dermatologist will recommend a daily cleanser suitable for your skin type.

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Beauty Fix - 3 Useful Tips For Caring For Sensitive Skin - Use Whole Plant Skincare Products

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Caring for Sensitive Skin #2

Opt for Whole Plant Skincare Products

The beauty industry has recorded a quick turnaround in its skincare marketing due to growing interest in plant-based products. Consumers are increasingly informed about the benefits of plant-based products on the skin, and the entire body. According to skincare product retailers in Ireland, people shop more for items that indicate ‘plant version’ on the label. So, why the craze for plant-based products?

Scientific research has shown that plants often have compounds and enzymes that respond very well to the human body. Further research revealed that centuries of feeding on plants have positively impacted evolution. Consequently, ‘reactors’ in the human cells act as magnets for many plant-based compounds.

So, if you have sensitive skin and are always reacting to synthetic ingredients in your products, you may want to try something different. For example, products like the Australian botanical soap contain plant oils that enhance skin health. Products like this are usually free from nasties such as parabens and synthetic fragrances. By opting for more natural products, you are more likely to manage your sensitive skin better.

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Beauty Fix - 3 Useful Tips For Caring For Sensitive Skin - Use Soft, Organic, Unbleached Towels

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Caring for Sensitive Skin #3

Use Soft, Organic Unbleached Towels

Did you know that most towels used in homes are too harsh for the skin? People with normal skin often don’t notice the difference because they don’t react. On the contrary, people with sensitive skin notice these minute details. And the reason for this is because sensitive skins react to dyes in most conventional towels. Your best option, therefore, will be soft, organic unbleached towels. These are free from dyes and unfriendly threads.

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Your sensitive skin can be a blessing in disguise. As debatable as that may sound, there is an element of truth there. It makes you more conscious about your skincare products. Ultimately, that leads to making healthier choices.

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