Vape And Coffee Pairings – And Yes, It’s A Thing!

Vape And Coffee Pairings

Following on from our popular article ‘Vape And Food Pairings – And Yes, It’s A Thing!‘ we bring you Vape And Coffee Pairings – And Yes, It’s A Thing!

How To Pair Your Coffee With Your Favourite Vape Flavours

Coffee is a staple in many people’s lives, and a large portion of those people also make a lot of effort when choosing their vape flavour for the day. Here is everything you need to know about combining the two.

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Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - Cappuccino & VanillaCappuccino photo by Dexter Fernandes

Vape And Coffee Pairings #1

Cappuccino & Vanilla

For the humble cappuccino, you want to choose a flavour that goes well with its frothy character. A capuccio is creamy, relatively strong, and easy to drink. Because of this, you don’t want to choose a flavour that complements it.

Picking up a vanilla pod vape flavour is ideal for cappuccinos as it is a simple and sweet flavour that will taste like it should be in the coffee anyway.

Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - EspressoEspresso photo by Jhunelle Francis Sardido

Vape And Coffee Pairings #2

Espresso & Mild Flavours

Espresso is another popular coffee choice and can be challenging to pair with a vape flavour. The ultra-strong and intense coffee needs something to balance it out, so you should choose a mild flavour to pair with it.

Mild fruity flavours like strawberry, blueberry, pineapple all work brilliantly with espresso. If those aren’t for you, simply choose a mild flavour that doesn’t try to compete with the intensity of the espresso.

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Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - Turkish CoffeeTurkish Coffee photo by Ela v

Vape And Coffee Pairings #3

Turkish Coffee & Caramel

If you are a fan of a more exotic Turkish coffee, it isn’t that your options are more limited, but you should pay attention to the type of flavour you choose. Turkish coffee is, more often than not, more bitter than any other type of coffee, so you need a complementary sweet flavour.

An easy choice would be something in the caramel range. The hit of sweetness will offset the bitter coffee in a very delicious and satisfying way. If you don’t like caramel, any other super-sweet flavour will work, too.

Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - Filter CoffeeFilter Coffee photo by Amirhossein Soltani

Vape And Coffee Pairings #4

Filter Coffee & Chocolate

A traditional black or milky filter coffee is one of the easiest coffees to pair a vape flavour with, as you can often choose a flavour that, when combined with coffee, would make a well-known dessert.

If you don’t know where to start, a pure chocolate or chocolate variant vape is perfect. White chocolate won’t have the same effect, but anything in the regular chocolate range will do the job brilliantly.

Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - Black CoffeeBlack Coffee photo by Prophsee

Vape And Coffee Pairings #5

Black Coffee & Florals

Black coffee is another popular choice, and the simple, bitter flavours are an ideal blank canvas for experimenting with vape flavours. Florals and herb-based flavours are an unusual choice, but you may be surprised by how well they match.

Vape juice with hints of lavender, jasmine, or hibiscus adds floral top notes that match some of the more plant-like flavours in black coffee.

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Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - AmericanoAmericano photo by Imad

Vape And Coffee Pairings #6

Americano & Mocha

Americanos can be made in one of two ways: with or without milk. With milk, the espresso shots are diluted with a fair bit of milk, and Americanos without milk have the espresso diluted with water.

No matter what type of Americano you prefer, mocha is one of the best vape flavours to pair with it. You have the hints of coffee flavour that complement that drink, while the hits of chocolatey sweetness create a dessert-like coffee that is impossible not to love.

Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - Flat White CoffeeFlat White photo by No He

Vape And Coffee Pairings #7

Flat White & Candy

A flat white, a very milky coffee, and is often described as simply being coffee-flavoured milk. Because of this, you can create another dessert-type flavour combination by adding a candy flavour to your vape.

The candy flavour is up to you, but you can opt for anything from something fruity to cookies and cream even.

Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - CoffeeCoffee photo by Okeykat

Vape And Coffee Pairings #8

Coffee & Tobacco

If you aren’t a fan of any of the flavour combinations listed above, and you simply want something that is satisfying but also something you won’t get bored of after a few tries, there is one combination that works for almost everyone.

The smoky, woody notes of tobacco perfectly complement the same flavours you find in coffee, and if you are trying to quit smoking, you probably already know that a coffee and tobacco are a match made in heaven.

You can also experiment with tobacco flavours, as the underlying notes are still very similar, no matter the flavour. Cigar tobacco, pipe tobacco, and flavoured tobacco; all work perfectly with a delicious coffee.

Vape And Coffee Pairings - And Yes, It's A Thing! - Coffee BeansCoffee Beans photo by Boey Jun Hui

Vape And Coffee Pairings #9

Dark Coffee vs Light Coffee

When choosing a vape flavour to pair with your coffee, one of the most important things to remember is the difference between flavourings for dark coffee and light coffee. These are fairly self-explanatory: dark coffee is coffee with very little or no milk, such as an espresso, while light coffee has much more milk, like a cappuccino or latte.

You want to choose a vape flavour that is the “opposite” of the type of coffee you are drinking. For dark coffee, opt for a lighter, milder flavour, such as vanilla and florals. For light coffee, choose something richer, like tobacco or chocolate-based flavours.

Pairing a vape flavour with your coffee is much easier than you may have thought if you know what you are looking for and what you are trying to achieve. Hopefully, this article will send you on a journey of discovering new flavour combinations.

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