Where to Find A Killer Sandwich on a Friday in Dublin

A Killer Sandwich to Die For …

A Killer Sandwich Dublin - Fantastic

… and no I’m not talking about a rat poison laced ‘I’m secretly killing you’ sandwich … this isn’t the movies folks, nor a guide for the insane. This is simply information on where and how to find a killer of a sandwich in Dublin City Centre, on a Friday. You see A Killer Sandwich is actually the name given to the newish (it all kicked off back in September 2013) sandwich craze to hit the sangwich lovers in Dublin City. It’s the effective and successful baby of Art Director Siobhan O’Donovan and Copywriter Conor Stevens, aka Mr & Mrs Stevens  www.mrandmrsstevens.ie  and it’s a sandwich ordering system you may or may not be familiar with. 

A Killer Sandwich - Wrapped

How it works …


  • One Twitter Account – with which you have access to on a Wednesday
  • Six Euro’s – with which you have access to on a Friday
  • Free Time from 1pm – 2pm – with which you have access to on a Friday in Dublin City Centre
  • A Love for Fresh Foodie Food Sandwiches 

A Killer Sandwich - Unwrapping


  • Follow A Killer Sandwich here on Twitter https://twitter.com/akillersandwich
  • On Wednesday morning check the @akillersandwich twitter account for their sandwich menu – for example this week …

A Killer Sandwich - Agnus Dei Twitter

  • If you like the look of it, which no doubt you will, wipe the drool off your phone/PC and DM (Direct Message) your order for one.
  • In return and if you are lucky enough to get your order in you’ll receive a message back to tell you where the pick up will be for example  this week it was Tamp & Stitch in Temple Bar, a place I’m quite partial to …


A Killer Sandwich - Unwrapped

  • In the couple of days that follow, try and keep your mind off your Killer Sandwich and go about your life.
  • On the Friday following your Wednesday order … get your goo on and head to the pick up spot. Don’t forget your €6.
  • Wait in line. There’ll most likely be one, but fret not as it moves quite quickly. Wipe the drool from you mouth.
  • When it’s your turn don’t snap your Killer Sandwich from the hands of Siobhan or Conor. Take it easy.
  • Pay up and go along your merry way.
  • Eat your Killer Sandwich and be happy. 

A Killer Sandwich Dublin - Delicious

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