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5 Day Juice Detox

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I’m not a yo yo dieter. I don’t follow fads and crazes about ‘Secret’ diet tips and all that mumbo jumbo. I did join a certain gym once that enforced a special diet based on NO sugars or carbs but lots of naturally fatty foods, amino acid supplements and weightlifting. I did loose some weight and I did tone up for the length of the programme but when it was over so was I and I never went back again. Actually now that I’m writing this I also joined Weight-Watchers once for about eight weeks. Some (skinny) friends from work were going so I went along. I actually did quite well at the whole portion control thing and even managed to loose a few pounds during a week long trip to Paris (wow) while I was a member but the Weight Watchers way of life didn’t last I’m afraid. However I still have cookbooks and notebooks from those couple of months and I might return to it some day. 

So where am I going with this?

Run Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field

Well, part of my New Year’s Resolutions 2014 is to get fit and become healthier. I still haven’t broken in the running YET but I’m reading Run Fat Bitch Run by Ruth Field (yes still) and can feel motivation stirring, that is until I look out at the rain, but I WILL get there. I’m also embarrassed to say that the gym hasn’t seen as much of me as it should. I’d like to say the reason it has seen less of me is because there is less of me but the truth is I haven’t been back yet very often. 

I was very good at the start of the year making smoothies every day in work. This changed to making them every morning for breakfast and I really enjoyed my Alpro AM Smoothie Challenge. I also started taking extra vitamins in the shape of Revive Active and felt a great buzz of health and energy every morning. Up until very recently I did keep up my health buzz by making smoothies most mornings and drinking my Revive Active , however notice how ‘every’ morning has been replaced by ‘most’. 

Revive Active

To put it simply, I’m beginning to slip so I need a boost to get me going and that’s where the Juice 2 Go 5 Day Detox comes into play. You may or may not remember I mentioned winning the detox package on twitter, well with delivery date mix-ups, crossed wires and dinner dates I’m only getting around to it now, and because of the aforementioned, the lovely Lisa Byrne from Juice 2 Go upgraded my package from the winning prize of a 3 Day Detox to a 5 Day one, which although I am very grateful for, I am also quite nervous about too. I love my food so the thought of a juice only diet for five days is quite daunting, so much so that I put it off until tomorrow as Patrick was cooking tonight … but I’m going to do it and it’s going to be worth it! I hope! I’ll let you know.

For now I will leave you with this thought. Look at the first photo of my Juice 2 Go juices. The first big bottle ‘Big Boost’ is for my breakfast and mid-morning. The second ‘Kickstart’ juice is for my lunch. The third ‘Smoothie’ is for my dinner and the fourth and final bottle ‘Detox’ is my for the evening. I must have a glass of warm water and lemon juice every morning (my mum told me that years ago, but I never did it) and can drink as much water or herbal tea as I like … As you can imagine, this week I will NOT be blogging about restaurants, café’s, bars or recipe’s. 

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  1. I really enjoy your life of stuff Edwina, just want to say- good honest to God food, like porridge, an egg boiled and good old fashioned brown bread will detox any soul better than all those new detoxies and my legs are skinny and my body still thin, oh and not to forget plenty of good old fashioned water with or without lemon on a daily basis. Now start your day with warm water and lemon juice and add some honey if you like. Auntie Margaret

  2. Thank you so much Auntie Margaret, I really appreciate your support … and you know, you are right about good honest food! It’s the best for you but I have to say that going on the Juice Detox did give me a boost and make me realise the crap that you eat sometimes unknown to yourself!

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