Discover Your Own Beauty Standards with 5 Simple Questions

Discover Your Own Beauty Standards

When people think of “beauty products” what immediately comes to mind are creams, lotions, and makeup. And while it’s true that these are beauty products, it goes much further than that. Beauty products are items that you believe can enhance your appearance. Everyone has some type of aspect about themselves that they’re self-conscious about.  Look in the mirror long enough and some insecurities are bound to rise. This is completely normal, and it’s also something that’s often pushed in media, advertising, and dates back to centuries ago within society.

Discover Your Own Beauty Standards with 5 Simple Questions - The Life of Stuff

Beauty standards are always changing, what may ‘look good’ in one country may not ‘look good’ in another. The same can be said in terms of beauty standards within periods and within a person’s age range. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder and it’s best to try and break away and figure out what you want for yourself. What do you think will look best for your appearance? What do you think will look best for you, to boost your own self-esteem? The following questions include the how, when and why to discovering your own beauty standards.

Discover Your Own Beauty Standards with 5 Simple Questions

Discover Your Own Beauty Standards with 5 Simple Questions - Why?

1 – Why do you want to improve your appearance?

The first step to improving your self-esteem is asking yourself why you’re wanting to do it. It’s important to mentally challenge yourself and learn that you can’t keep up with beauty standards forever, and some beauty standards were meant to be unrealistic. Not everyone can have a certain type of nose, certain body structure, hair type, or anything else.

Now more than ever, people are using photo manipulation from apps such as FaceApp and Adobe  Photoshop to change their appearance to something they’re not. If you’re wanting to improve your appearance, it has to be for you, not for anyone else, and certainly not for the pressure that society puts on everyone. Change appearance for yourself, for your own happiness, and for your health.

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2- Do you think of your daily routine as a ritual?

Whether you’re wanting to enhance your appearance through beauty products, hair care, fitness, fashion, or fashionable accessories, you should first begin to make a ritual out of it. Doing so will allow you to form this into a habit, but it also will help you take things slow so nothing will be missed. Let this be a way to serve as a symbolic function for yourself. It’s a way to transform yourself to look better and feel better about yourself.

This can be something such as applying skincare creams or makeup each day, but it can even include how you lay out your clothes and accessories that you plan to wear. Just take advantage of these types of moments to honor yourself and how you’re wanting to feel.

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Discover Your Own Beauty Standards with 5 Simple Questions - When?

3 – Do you celebrate your beauty?

Every body is beautiful, every face is beautiful, everyone is beautiful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s so important to celebrate the current beauty that you have. If you’re using products, no matter if it’s fashion, creams, exercise equipment, anything at all to improve your appearance, it’s important to know what you should celebrate your current beauty. You’re already beautiful, you’re just looking for ways to enhance your beauty.

Fashion is another way that enhances your beauty as your select clothes help bring out what was already there. Fashion accessories from earrings to cool tongue rings are a great way to enhance your current appearance, and a way to cement your style. The same can be said for other piercings or accessories.

This concept can even be applied for fitness, your body was already beautiful beforehand and now it’s been enhanced.

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Discover Your Own Beauty Standards with 5 Simple Questions - How?

4 – Are you obsessing?

While there is nothing wrong with finding fun ways to change up your look, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t obsess with making physical changes about yourself. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make changes about yourself since this is something that everyone wants to do. But it’s also important to never obsess over it. You’re beautiful the way you are, you’re always going to be beautiful. It’s never worth letting your mental health decline over the physical aspect of yourself. Your health is more important than anything else.

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5 – Have you considered going natural?

Going natural can mean using products to enhance your appearance, but it can also mean going without. If you’re someone who is wanting to improve their skin, then looking into natural skincare ingredients could be wonderful. If you’re someone who is losing weight in hopes of improving their appearance and boosting self-esteem, then switching to more natural products such as lean protein, fruits, and vegetables could be better than using powders. This can go even as far as the exercise equipment that’s used. You don’t always need products to improve yourself, whether it’s your physical appearance or even mental wellbeing

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Discover Your Own Beauty Standards with 5 Simple Questions - The Life of Stuff

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