Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2

Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium – Dublin

Bagots Hutton Bar Restaurant Dublin

Thanks to the lovely folk at Yelp, namely Emily the Community Manager for organising everything, I got the opportunity to join a dozen or so Yelp Elites for another Festival of Firsts event last week. This event took me to Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium on South William Street. Bagots Hutton is a Wine Emporium that offers simple, quality food alongside a carefully selected wine menu. It’s the brainchild and realised concept of friends Giovanni Viscardi and Brian Deery.

Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium Bar Restaurant Dublin

If you don’t know where you were going you could easily miss this gem of a place, luckily I did know where I was going. However, if you find yourself wandering the street in search of it, just remember that it is at the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre end of the street, it’s on the righthand side as you walk towards the centre and it is at basement level, so look down.

Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium - Seating

On entering the place you will see the kitchen and counter to the left and tables and chairs laid out to the right. Through to an open planned second room and there are more tables and chairs but also comfy couches and large tables. It is dimly lit, which I love but not so much you can’t see your way around. There’s a mix of old with new when it comes to the furniture. Old style romantic looking leather couches with newish pouf style seats and tables. Adorning the walls you will find shelves with jars of corks (I’m robbing that idea) and candles which create a warm glow. The Artwork on the walls are those from local artists and they change month by month, which is a fantastic platform for those who wish to exhibit.

The wine emporium was quite busy when I arrived last Thursday. I put it down to it being a Thursday but I was advised that it’s like this most evenings. It’s great to see and there was a real buzz about the place. The clientele were quite mixed too, couples, small groups of guys and gals, all of the legal drinking age, some a little further passed this age than others but all quite ‘cool’.

As there were quite a few of us at the event, we got to sit on a mixture of seats and couches with a large table between us – perfect for a party of people who are all willing and ready to get their tasting on. Giovanni with the help of his waiting staff looked after us all night ensuring that our bellies were full and our thirsts quenched, any my, was my belly full leaving this fine establishment.

Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2 

After we all chose our choice of red or white wine, Giovanni brought down the first of our round of foods to try. It was a selection of tapas style meat balls, which didn’t roll off the table and onto the floor (on top of spaghetti lyrics for those not in the know), the tastiest vegetarian lasagna I’ve ever had, ever, a selection of cold meats and a selection cheeses, all accompanied with fresh bread, dips and grapes … not to mention a fine glass of wine. Fantastic!

Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2 

Next up to tantalise our taste buds were the pizzas. All pizzas are made from freshly made dough in-house and when they arrived at the table you could tell. The base was crispy where is should be and the toppings were just right. Funnily enough the Marinara which was the simplest of the three and the one packing the most garlic was the first one to be devoured. There were definitely no vampires in my company that night.

Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2 

As some began to stroke their bellies and others were glad to be wearing ‘comfort layers’, stretchy pants and flowy style dresses (that was me) we were presented with the pasta dishes. Farfalle, Penne All’ Arrabbiata and the most Mother of Divine of all pasta dishes I have tried in my 34 years on this planet, Cacio E Pepe – the original Mac n Cheese – I have a goo for it now even writing about it … absolutely delicious!

Bagots Hutton Wine Emporium, 28 South William Street, Dublin 2 

To round-up a foodie delight we were presented with a huge slice of chocolate pudding with ice-cream and chocolate sauce … Chocolate Heaven indeed. 

A thoroughly enjoyable night with great company, a wonderful buzzy ambiance, fantastic food and great service. A definite recommendation. I’m really looking forward to returning and I might do so on one of their specials nights too … Meaty Monday’s – A Meat Board with every bottle of Wine bought, Cheesy Tuesday’s – A Cheese Board with every bottle of Wine bought, Pizza Wednesday’s – A Pizza and bottle of beer for €12.95 or maybe on a Sunday when the Jamaican Street Food Propa Bickle takes over from 1pm … and if I’m not feeling hungry, which I doubt will ever happen, I can always just head along Thursday to Sunday for the DJ tunes and booze alone.

For more information on Bagots Hutton, please visit their website here

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