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Tara – Stars, April 6th 2014 Release


Tara (Tara Stewart) is an Irish/Indian Singer Songwriter who hails from Alice Springs in Australia which makes her Australian too, however as the Irish headed off to Oz back in 2011, Tara packed her bags, followed her Irish roots and came here, to Dublin and has been here since. 

Tara Stewart

Tara is talented and can throw her hand to most instruments but it’s her vocal talent she focuses her career on. If you heard of her as Tara Stewart when she first arrived here those few years ago, you would have heard a very different music style to the Tara we now hear. Back then her style was very indie, folk, with acoustic guitars now if her latest release Stars is anything to go by it’s all about electronic, synths and electric guitars. I think she can do both and there is something very catching about her voice and her lyrics.

When playing live Tara will normally be accompanied by Anthony McMahon, Paul Flood and Ally Donald on stage and having been voted as Gig of the Week by the Irish Times at the Whelan’s Ones to Watch Festival back in January, they’ve obviously got their stuff together.

Stars will be available for sale and download on April 6th but for now you can listen to it here …

[soundcloud id=’132820586′ width=’360px’]

I’m loving this single. It has a sort of eerie Kate Bush feel to the intro and I think the song really comes together for the almost anthem like chorus. I’d love to hear it blasted loud at a live gig, I’d say it’s a real crowd mover. I’m looking forward to hearing more of her new sound and wonder will she keep some of her acoustic talents too. Tara … a definite ‘One to Watch’ this year.

For more information on Tara you can connect with her here …


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  1. Wow – this is brilliant! It’s got an intense and raw energy about it, even with the synth sound. Yeah, I do hear a bit of Kate Bush in there, so she is Tara’s influence, even better still. Thanks for sharing this.

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