Bevvy of the Week – Michel Torino Sauvignon Blanc

Michel Torino Sauvignon Blanc

 Bevvy of the Week - Michel Torino Sauvignon Blanc

You may or may not know I’m big fan if Argentinian Melbac, but with this warm weather we are having at the moment I’m leaning more towards white wine and found a very tasty Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc.

Michel Torino Sauvignon Blanc comes from an area called Cafayate, and this is the main reason I went for it. You see my wife, Edwina and I stopped off in this town when we were travelling around South America. It’s a great town and area, with vineyards and Bodegas all over the place and of course great wine too.

Now as I said I don’t usually drink whites from Argentina but as it’s summer, and the with the fact that I’d found a wine that comes from a place that my wife and I have such fond memories off, I had to get it.

Michel Torino Sauvignon Blanc is a good solid white. Flavours are well-balanced and it’s not overly fruity. It has fresh acidity and has a lingering finish.

With this successful white from Argentina I’m looking forward to trying all the other white grape varieties over the summer months and I’ll let you know how I get on.

You can pick up a bottle of Michel Torino for around €11.00

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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