Bevvy of the Week – Nogne



January can be a dull month with not much happening so why not treat yourself to some fine bevvies to wash those January blues away. And I know the tipple to do just that.

Nogne is from Norway and they produce a wide range of hand crafted beers to suit even the most crafty craft beer drinker. So here are the ones I have tried.

Nogne Pale Ale: This is a very nice light pale ale. It has a lovely hoppy character and some really good malt too.

Nogne Porter : Dark, nice and smooth. Some dark fruits to it but the toasty malts really come through.

Nogne India Pale Ale : This is a rich full flavoured ale with plenty going on to keep you coming back for more.

Nogne #100 : This was brewed to celebrate their 100th batch but the response was so great that they kept on brewing. This is a strong dark ale bursting with flavours. 

Imperial Stout : A lovely creamy stout with coffee and chocolate flavours

These beers range from 6 to 10% and should set you back around €7 per bottle (well I did say treat). These beers are well worth the money and you won’t be disappointed.

Cheers, Sláinte


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