Bevvy of the Week – Powers Irish Hot Whiskey Recipe

Powers Hot Whiskey

For this week’s Bevvy of the Week, I would like to recommend a drink that will warm your bones on those cold evenings ahead. The drink in question is none other than the Hot Whiskey. Many people like to make this drink if they have a cold or a flu, but it’s a great drink to sip on a cold evening.

Bevvy of the Week - Powers Hot Whiskey
Although you can use any Irish whiskey to make an Irish Hot Whiskey, Powers Gold Label, is one of my favourite Irish whiskeys to use. It has a nice balance of fruit, spice and honey, perfect for a hot whiskey.

To make a hot whiskey is easy and only a few ingredients are need.

Bevvy of the Week - Powers Hot Whiskey with Hot Irish Whiskey Recipe - The Life of Stuff

How to Make a Hot Irish Whiskey

Ingredients: Powers Gold Label Whiskey, fresh lemon, cloves, brown sugar, freshly boiled water.

  1. When your kettle is boiled, put a metal teaspoon into the whiskey glass you’ll be using. The spoon acts as a conductor and will prevent the glass from cracking.
  2. Add a drop of boiled water to the glass to pre-heat it. Swish it around and throw it out.
  3. To prepare the lemon for serving: Cut a slice of lemon in two and remove the pips. Take one half of the lemon and stick 3-4 cloves into it.
  4.  Next put a teaspoon of brown sugar into the whiskey glass, add boiling water just over half way up the glass, and stir to melt the sugar.
  5. Follow this by adding the shot of Irish whiskey. Give the whiskey and sugar mixture a stir. If you need to top up with more boiling water now is the time to do it.
  6.  Add the lemon slice with cloves.
  7.  Enjoy!

Enjoy, Sláinte,




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