Bevvy of the Week – Viva la Vie Wine

Viva la Vie

Vive la Vie Wine - JP Chenet

It’s great to find a wine that tastes good and won’t break the bank and a few weekends ago, I found just the one. Viva la Vie wine from France. They produce Red, White and Rose and it comes from the producers of JP Chenet, which is a brand most people would know.

The Viva la Vie range are fun wines. They are not wines for ageing or looking into too deeply and they do exactly what they say on the bottle. The red, white and rose are packed full of fruity sweetness and really enjoyable. The Viva la Vie wine range are ideal for these longer hotter evenings and couldn’t be paired better than with an ol’ BBQ. Wine drinkers will like them and non wine drinkers will try them and most likely like them.

To sweeten the deal you should be able to buy it for around €8 per bottle.

Sláinte, Enjoy,


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  1. P&O ferries are currently running an offer where for £25 you can get 6 bottles of Red, White or Rose Vive la Vie wine when you take a day trip to France.

  2. I could not have put it better myself. This is a wonderful red wine, and I have been drinking this for quite a while. Always been a fan of J.P. my fave being the Vin Rouge, but they took the bottled version off the market. Then I found this. It’s just wonderful. It’s very tasty, and not over powering. Alas, the only place in Grimsby that sold it has closed down, and I can’t find it anywhere. So, It’s Blossom Hill in the meantime until someone hopefully starts to sell it.
    Steve Burnett.

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for getting in contact – you can try your local Independent Off Licence 🙂

  4. Hi Kathleen, this wine is produced by JP Chenet, but unfortunately the production has ceased.

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