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Discover Your Next Music Love with

Access to new Irish and Irish based musical talents to match my taste (that being quite eclectic as you may know from reading my own music news and reviews here on The Life of Stuff) – Gig info, news and reviews – What is this ? – I was all ears and am now here to pass on my knowledge – Read on to find out the What, Why, Where, When and Who of

WHAT is ?

Street Ceol TV is an online music channel dedicated to the Irish Music Scene and all its hidden glory.’ (

Discover Your Next Music Love with
Jesse Heffernan

WHY should you be interested ?

Street Ceol TV’s ‘mission is to expose the unknowns of the Irish music scene‘. This means that whether you are a musician who yearns to reach a larger audience or a music fan seeking your next music love, will aim to be the one to bridge this gap to bring you both together. Musicians + New Fans = Street Ceol TV.

As well as providing music lovers and fans with access to new Irish music, the website aims to have reliable, informative, unbiased and entertaining information that can be trusted by their online community.

Users of will have full access to our library of content, including videos, photography, reviews and blogs. Users will be able to browse videos based on genre, and will also have access to a host of dedicated artist pages displaying everything needed to know about each artist that has featured on Street Ceol TV. We are very excited to be taking this stride forward, which also sees the launch of our on-site blog – ‘Word on the Street’ – where we will regularly post gig reviews, album reviews, and other Irish music scene related content. Our goal with the blog is to present accurate knowledge for consumers of Irish music, allowing them to spend their time finding new music as opposed to looking for it. (

WHERE and WHEN will you find ?

Launching in only a matter of days now – March 7th 2015 to be precise, the team behind are busily putting the final touches to what has become the goal of their musical passion since they started their voyage back in May 2012 with a Facebook Page and a Youtube Channel.

You will find at

WHO are ?

The Street Ceol TV Team is made up of Louie Leung, Adam Behan and Gary Doyle, who are all from Lucan and David McMahon from Swords, County Dublin. They are passionate about music, eager to bring up and coming music acts to your attention and excited that they will be creating an online space for a Music Community that has many different tastes and styles.

What makes us stand out from the rest is that we cater for a multitude of genres at one time. We feel that we can create something special where a fusion of people from different social classes, dress sense, music taste, and sub-cultures come together to form one non-discriminating music community. (

The Musicians behind the scenes and in front of the cameras are all Artists who have have come to know Street Ceol TV through gigs and social media. For those who wish to feature on the website, they will be able to do so by getting in contact with the Team directly at With regards to expenses Adam from the Team advised that ‘if a venue such as a studio space is needed for a location we will ask the artist to fit the bill, but other than that we do this for free and at our own expense.’ Sounds like a deal to me!  

Best wishes to the Team and to all the artists involved from The Life of Stuff … For those reading this …

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