Bevvy of the Week – Black Bush

Black Bush


Black Bush

Well this week I would recommend you getting out there and picking up a bottle Black Bush from the Bushmills family. This is a great whiskey and probably one of my favourites. This Whiskey is made in the North of Ireland but the grain that is used to make this great drink comes from Midleton in the South, and has been since  the 1970’s.

You may or may not have tried Bushmills original which is a light easy drinking whiskey with a bit of sweetness to it. You can put a mixer in this Whiskey if you are out on the town and want to try something different, if so, may I suggest a Redbull,which I call Bull and Bush, Mmmmm. Anyway back to Black Bush. This is a full bodied and complexed Whiskey. It is aged in sherry wood which gives it a nice juiciness. Flavourers of orange and sherry with nice malt notes. This one is not to be mixed but hey, if you want to mix it…….

This Whiskey is a mouth-filling experience and one not to be missed. You should pick up a bottle for around €30.

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