Bevvy of the Week – Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel

This week I would like to recommend the newest member of the Jameson family, Jameson Black Barrel.

Jameson Black Barrel

I was lucky enough to attend the second of four promo nights for Jameson Black Barrel at Mabos Warehouse on Hanover Quay last Thursday, and may I add, what a night it was. There was music from The Young Folk, food and of course the star of the show Jameson Black Barrel which we were treated to with apple juice and ice – ‘Jameson Black Barrel Sours’. 

The Young Folk-1

We got to meet the designers behind Mamukko and were also treated to a masterclass on how to dismantle a whiskey barrel and put it back together by none other than the Master Cooper Ger Buckley. He also went on to show us how the barrel is charred before they put the whiskey in to age and mature. Edwina took lots of photo’s which she has included to give you a taste of the night.


Ger Buckley - Jameson Black Barrel-1

Jameson Reserve Black Barrel

Jameson Black Barrel Series

I must say I am very impressed with Jameson Black Barrel. The charred barrel gives the whiskey a true character. This whiskey is exceptionally smooth and creamy, full of spice and vanilla with a soft fruitiness to boot.

I really think they are onto a winner here and I’m sure most people would agree. So do yourself a favour and try it and I’m sure you will love it too.

Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel (to give it it’s full name) will set you back around €50, and worth every penny.

Enjoy, Sláinte, 


*Note  – Consumers can register for free tickets to the next Craft Series event on the Jameson Black Barrel tab on – Over 18yrs

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