Bevvy of the Week – What Wine to Pair with Chinese Food

Chinese Food Wine Pairing

I have over the years, had many people ask me what wine pairs well with Chinese food and my answer has always been the same, white wine from the Alsace region in Northern France.

The grape varieties in this northern region differ hugely from the rest of France, in fact they are more in line with their German neighbours. This comes as no surprise as control of the region has ping-ponged between German and France rule at different stages in the long distance past but more importantly the grape varieties grown in the region suit the cooler climate.

Bevvy of the Week - What Wine to Pair with Chinese Food - Wine

The Alsace region can produce a wide variety of wine styles due to the amount of different soil types but the grape variety I always go for when dining on Chinese food is Gewurztraminer.

Gewurz is the German word for spice and that’s what this wine is all about. Aromatic spices fill your nose. They can range from dry to sweet but will most likely offer tropical fruit, pepper and sweet spice. Gewurztraminer is low in acidity and rather high in alcohol, 13% is not uncommon.

So the next time Chinese food is on the menu give this grape variety a go, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Enjoy, Sláinte



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