Ale for the Festive Season

Ale Ideas for Christmas

There’s nothing better around this time of year than cracking open a few bottles if Ale. Now I must say I don’t usually drink Ale but there’s something about these dark cold evenings that seem to draw me to them and with Christmas upon us the setting seems just right.

Ale for the Festive Season

So lets get right into it. I picked up a variety of Ales for this Bevvy of the Week; Hens Tooth, Strong Suffolk, New Castle Brown Ale and Ruddles County. They were all very tasty but the one that stood out for me was Strong Suffolk.

It’s a really deep dark coloured Ale that you can really settle into and sip on throughout the evening. It has a lot going on from fruitcake and spice to toffee and caramel. It really is a rich full flavoursome brew and one I’ll have ready in the fridge for Christmas Day.

So why don’t you get yourself down to the local Off Licence, pick up a few Ales and find ‘the one’ for the Big Day.

Expect to pay between €3 to €4 per bottle.

Cheers, Sláinte,



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