Bevvy of the Week – Advocaat



Bols Advocaat

Well it is truly upon us now. Just one more week until the big day. By now you should have or have a very good idea of what Christmas tipples you will be enjoying and serving up to any guests you might have visiting over for the festivities.

… But if you still find yourself at a loose end on what to serve up don’t panic. Just look over past Bevvy of Week’s and you’ll get plenty of inspiration and ideas, from Wine to Beers, Spirits to Ales, Ciders to Liqueurs and plenty more.

However there is one more drink I would like to add into the mix and that is Advocaat. Many people might remember this drink from back in the day but there is no doubting that this is one of the nicest drinks to enjoy this time of year.

Advocaat is an egg, brandy and sugar based drink. It’s best mixed with white or red lemonade and a small bit of ice. Mmmmmmmmm, roll on the festivities …

So that’s it for 2013!

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. I will be back in the New Year with some great ideas to kick start 2014!

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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