Bevvy of the Week – Amarula




Well this one is for all of you out there who love their cream based alcohol drinks, and as I’m sure you know, probably the most famous of them all is Baileys. Baileys Irish cream is spirit and Irish Whiskey based but the cream I am recommending this week is fruit based.

Amarula is a fruit and cream based alcohol drink from South Africa. The Marula fruit is fermented, distilled and matured for two years in French oak and then mixed with the cream. Mmmmmm and what a drink it is, it’s rich, full and very tasty.

So the next time you are in the mood for a Baileys, why not go for a Amarula, neat or over ice, either way it’s most enjoyable and for around €20 you can’t go wrong.

Sláinte, Cheers


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