Bevvy of the Week – Cobra King

Cobra King

Bevvy of the Week - Cobra King

Many if you may have heard about Cobra, the very tasty beer from India. Well they also brew a double fermented beer called Cobra King.

Cobra King is re-fermented in the bottle, a practice you don’t see too much apart from Trappist Ales. This gives Cobra King a lovely smoothness and enhanced flavours.

It comes in a 750ml bottle which is quite large, the same as a bottle of wine in fact. You may have seen more and more of these large bottled beers around the place. One advantage to these big bottle beers is that you can share them. Instead going into a restaurant and ordering a bottle of wine, you could order one of the many 750ml beers that are now available. It’s just something different and something we don’t do enough. Sometimes you just don’t want wine so it’s great to have the option.

Cobra King is 7.5% abv and will set you back around €6.50 in the Off Licence. 

Enjoy, Sláinte,


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