Bevvy of the Week – De-Alcoholised Wine

De-Alcoholised Wine

Bevvy of the Week - De-Alcoholised Wine

You may remember a number of week ago I featured non alcoholic beers and about how much of a choice there is now. Well it doesn’t stop there.

I’m seeing more and more places stocking De-Alcoholised Wine. Again in the past if you wanted this De-Alcoholised Wine you would have to search high and low for it but not anymore. De-Alcoholised Wine is no more than 0.5%. To be classed a wine it must have some alcohol in it or else it would just be grape juice.

These wines are very fruity and light and actually quit enjoyable. Carl Jung is probably the wine that’s around the most, in red, white and sparkling wine. You will also find rosé too. So if a non alcohol beer isn’t your thing remember there’s a choice out there. You should pick you a bottle for around €7 and the sparkling a little more.

Enjoy, Sláinte


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